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On the Prowl Walkthrough | Side Quest 5 Location and Rewards

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This is a walkthrough for Side Quest (Odd Job) 5: On the Prowl in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). Keep reading to find out where to find this quest, its rewards, and how to complete it!

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Current Quest On the Prowl
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On the Prowl Rewards and Information

Quest Giver Location Chapter
Wyman Sector 7 Slums 3
Reward Rating
Elixir ★★

On the Prowl Walkthrough

1 Speak to Wyman to find out about a Wrath Hound terrorizing Scrap Boulevard he wants you to eliminate.
2 Head to the furthest area in Scrap Boulevard to find the Wrath Hound.
Wrath Hound.jpg
3 Once you deal enough damage it will run off towards a smaller opening to the east.
Wrath Hound Location 2.jpg
3 Finish off the Wrath Hound and return to Wyman for your reward.

On the Prowl Tips & Tricks

  • Your reward is an Elixir which is very rare at this point in the game, so it's recommended to do this quest. You will also only get the Wrath Hound's assess data here, until you find another Wrath Hound much later in Chapter 14's Subterranean Menace Quest.

How to Beat Wrath Hound

Wrath Hound
Where it Appears Weaknesses
Scrap Boulevard Ice

How to Defeat Wrath Hound - Key Points

  • Equip Ice Materia
  • Use Punisher Mode's Auto-Counter
  • Aim to Stagger it, then unleash the fury

How to Beat Wrath Hound

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2 Rat Problem.pngRat Problem Hi-Potion x5
3 Nuisance in the Factory.pngNuisance in the Factory 500 gil
4 Lost Friends.pngLost Friends Maiden's Tear
5 On the Prowl.pngOn the Prowl Elixir
6 Just Flew in from the Graveyard.pngJust Flew In from the Graveyard Star Bracelet
Alone at Last Crescent Moon Charm
Dress Choice for Tifa

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