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Horizon Zero Dawn Story Walkthrough

Follow our step-by-step guide to have a smoother experience completing the Main Quests of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Main Quest Walkthroughs
A Gift From the Past Lessons of the Wild
The Point of the Spear Mother's Heart
The Proving The Womb of the Mountain
A Seeker at the Gates The City of the Sun
Maker's End The Grave-Hoard
To Curse the Darkness Deep Secrets of the Earth
The Terror of the Sun The Heart of the Nora
The Mountain That Fell The Looming Shadow
The Face of Extinction
Main Quests - Nora Tribe
The War-Chief's Trail Revenge of the Nora
Main Quests - Oseram Tribe
The Field of the Fallen Into the Borderlands
The Sun Shall Fall
Frozen Wilds Main Quests Walkthroughs
Into the Frozen Wilds The Shaman's Path
For the Werak Firebreak
The Forge of Winter

List of Main Quests

Horizon Zero Dawn Side Quests and Side Content

Horizon Zero Dawn has a wide array of side content to keep you engaged throughout your playthrough. In the list below you can learn about each quest in Horizon Zero Dawn outside of the main story and how to complete each objective.

The different quest types include Side Quests, Errands, Bandit Camps, Tallnecks, Hunting Grounds, Cauldrons, and Tutorials.

Side Quest Walkthroughs
Insult to Injury In Her Mother's Footsteps
The Forgotten A Daughter's Vengeance
Underequipped A Moment's Peace
Heap of Trouble Death from the Skies
Blood on Stone Fatal Inheritance
Sun and Shadow Sunstone Rock
Acquired Taste Hunters' Blind
Robbing the Rich Honor the Fallen
Redmaw Weapons of the Lodge
List of All Side Quests
Tallnecks Walkthroughs
Tallneck: Devil's Thirst Tallneck: Copper Deeps
Tallneck: Sun-Steps Tallneck: Spearshafts
Tallneck: Rustwash Tallneck: Frostfigures
List of All Tallnecks
Hunting Ground Walkthroughs
Greatrun Hunting Grounds Nora Hunting Grounds
Valleymeet Hunting Grounds Spurflints Hunting Grounds
Sun Furrows Hunting Grounds Snowchants Hunting Grounds
List of All Hunting Grounds
Cauldron Walkthroughs
Cauldron SIGMA Cauldron ZETA
Cauldron RHO Cauldron XI
Cauldron Epsilon
List of All Cauldrons
Tutorial Quests Walkthroughs
Tutorial: Carja Sharpshot Bow Tutorial: Shadow Sharpshot Bow
Tutorial: Shadow Ropecaster Tutorial: Sharpshot Bow
Tutorial: Tripcaster Tutorial: Ropecaster
List of All Tutorial Quests

Quests Front Page

A full list of side quests and side content coming soon!

Horizon Zero Dawn Enemies

Enemies in Horizon Zero Dawn come in the form of mechanical beasts, each with their own abilities and weakpoints. Learn how to best combat each enemy type in Horizon Zero Dawn in the guides below.

Base Game Enemies

Watcher ImageWatcher Strider ImageStrider Grazer ImageGrazer
Scrapper ImageScrapper Redeye Watcher ImageRedeye Watcher Broadhead ImageBroadhead
Lancehorn ImageLancehorn Longleg ImageLongleg Trampler ImageTrampler
Sawtooth ImageSawtooth Shell-Walker ImageShell-Walker Fire Bellowback ImageFire Bellowback
Charger ImageCharger Stalker ImageStalker Glinthawk ImageGlinthawk
Corruptor ImageCorruptor Ravager ImageRavager Snapmaw ImageSnapmaw
Behemoth ImageBehemoth Thunderjaw ImageThunderjaw Deathbringer ImageDeathbringer
Tallneck ImageTallneck Corrupted Machine ImageCorrupted Machine Freeze Bellowback ImageFreeze Bellowback
Rockbreaker ImageRockbreaker Stormbird ImageStormbird

Frozen Wild Enemies

Scorcher ImageScorcher Frostclaw ImageFrostclaw Fireclaw ImageFireclaw
Daemonic Machine ImageDaemonic Machine Control Tower ImageControl Tower

Enemy Machines Front Page

Horizon Zero Dawn Skills

There are four categories of skills in Horizon Zero Dawn consisting of Prowler, Brave, Forager, and Traveler. Each category offers different benefits and affects how the player must handle certain challenges.

All Prowler Skills

Horizon Zero Dawn - Silent Strike Skill Silent Strike Horizon Zero Dawn - Strike From Above Skill Strike From Above Horizon Zero Dawn - Hunter Reflexes Skill Hunter Reflexes
Horizon Zero Dawn - Silent Drop Skill Silent Drop Horizon Zero Dawn - Balanced Aim Skill Balanced Aim Horizon Zero Dawn - Low Profile Skill Low Profile
Horizon Zero Dawn - Strike From Below Skill Strike From Below Horizon Zero Dawn - Strong Strike Skill Strong Strike Horizon Zero Dawn - Dodge Prowess Skill Dodge Prowess
Horizon Zero Dawn - Leader Strike Skill Leader Strike Horizon Zero Dawn - Strong Strike + Skill Strong Strike + Horizon Zero Dawn - Quiet Sprint Skill Quiet Sprint

All Brave Skills

Horizon Zero Dawn - Concentration Skill Concentration Horizon Zero Dawn - Critical Hit Skill Critical Hit Horizon Zero Dawn - Precision Skill Precision
Horizon Zero Dawn - Heavy Lifter Skill Heavy Lifter Horizon Zero Dawn - Critical Hit + Skill Critical Hit + Horizon Zero Dawn - Precision + Skill Precision +
Horizon Zero Dawn - Concentration + Skill Concentration + Horizon Zero Dawn - Double Shot Skill Double Shot Horizon Zero Dawn - Knock Down Skill Knock Down
Horizon Zero Dawn - Fast Reload Skill Fast Reload Horizon Zero Dawn - Triple Shot Skill Triple Shot Horizon Zero Dawn - Fighting Back Skill Fighting Back

All Forager Skills

Horizon Zero Dawn - Lure Call Skill Lure Call Horizon Zero Dawn - Healer Skill Healer Horizon Zero Dawn - Gatherer Skill Gatherer
Horizon Zero Dawn - Herbalist Skill Herbalist Horizon Zero Dawn - Disarm Traps Skill Disarm Traps Horizon Zero Dawn - Scavenger Skill Scavenger
Horizon Zero Dawn - Ammo Crafter Skill Ammo Crafter Horizon Zero Dawn - Tinker Skill Tinker Horizon Zero Dawn - Scavenger + Skill Scavenger +
Horizon Zero Dawn - Combat Override Skill Combat Override Horizon Zero Dawn - Combat Override + Skill Combat Override + Horizon Zero Dawn - Call Mount + Skill Call Mount +

All Traveler Skills

Horizon Zero Dawn - Shard Salvager Skill Shard Salvager Horizon Zero Dawn - Expert Carver Skill Expert Carver Horizon Zero Dawn - Hoarder Skill Hoarder
Horizon Zero Dawn - Mounted Pickup Skill Mounted Pickup Horizon Zero Dawn - Mount Repair Skill Mount Repair Horizon Zero Dawn - Machine Repair Skill Machine Repair
Horizon Zero Dawn - Mount Repair + Skill Mount Repair + Horizon Zero Dawn - Dismount Strike Skill Dismount Strike

Skills Front Page

Horizon Zero Dawn Equipment

All Equipment Types

Equipment Front Page

Hunter Bows Sharpshot Bows War Bows
Tripcasters Slings Ropecasters
Rattlers Spears Special Weapons

Check back for more Weapon and Armor Guides soon!

Horizon Zero Dawn Items

There are plenty of items to collect, craft, and use in Horizon Zero Dawn's vast open world. Learn how to get each item and collectible in our guides below.

A full list of item guides is coming soon!

Items Front Page

Horizon Zero Dawn Characters

Horizon Zero Dawn has a large cast of characters that impact the story, with many characters having fleshed out backstories and connections to each other. Learn about each character's role and how they affect the plot throughout your playthrough.

A full list of character profiles is coming soon!

Characters Front Page

About Horizon Zero Dawn

Software Information
Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition Box Art
Current Price:
Release Date: Feb. 28, 2017 Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Players: 1 Player Developer: Guerilla Games
Platform: PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows Game File Size: 45 GB (Complete Edition)
Official Site: Guerilla Games
ESRB Rating: Teen
Blood, Drug Reference, Language, Mild Sexual Themes, Violence

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