Free DLC: How to Download Summons and Accessories | FF7 Remake Intergrade

FF7 Rebirth, Part 2 of FF7 Remake is coming Winter 2023!

The Intergrade DLC has arrived on Steam!
Intergrade Complete Guide and Walkthrough


Looking to download the free summon and and accessory DLC for Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade? Keep reading to find out how to get it and what you'll receive!

What's in the Free DLC?

Chocobo Chick.jpg

The free DLC pack will include all 3 additional summons as well as the 5 promotional accessories from the PS4 version.

Chocobo Chick
Shinra Bangle
Corneo Armlet
Superstar Belt
Midgar Bangle
Mako Crystal

How to Download the Free DLC

Intermission Add-ons.jpeg

The Free DLC pack can be used with either the original game or the INTERmission DLC, and is available from the Add-ons section of the PS5 game menu.

Scroll down to the bottom on the PS5 main menu screen for FF7 Remake, and you will see the Free DLC pack. Simply download it to start.

How to Use the Free DLC

Free DLC Cactuar.jpg

Once it has been downloaded, the DLC can be found in-game via System > DLC. From there, click each DLC item to redeem it, and it will be immediately usable!

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