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This page lists all unreadable enemies from Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7 Remake). To learn the weaknesses of every unreadable enemy, or see their stats and other information, see the list below!

List of Unreadable Enemies

Enemy Weaknesses
Ghost IconGhost -
Phantom IconPhantom -
Trypapolis IconTrypapolis Physical, Magic
Jenova Dreamweaver IconJenova Dreamweaver -
Ghoul IconGhoul -
Eligor IconEligor -
Shiva IconShiva -
Fat Chocobo IconFat Chocobo Fixed Damage, Proportional Damage
???? Icon???? -
???????? Icon???????? -
Cactuar IconCactuar -
Leviathan IconLeviathan Fire, Fixed Damage, Proportional Damage
Bahamut IconBahamut Fixed Damage, Proportional Damage
Ifrit IconIfrit Proportional Damage, Fixed Damage
Mysterious Spectre IconMysterious Spectre -
Enigmatic Spectre IconEnigmatic Spectre Physical, Magic, Fixed Damage, Proportional Damage
Whisper Harbinger IconWhisper Harbinger -
Whisper Rubrum IconWhisper Rubrum Fixed Damage, Proportional Damage
Whisper Viridi IconWhisper Viridi Fixed Damage, Proportional Damage
Whisper Croceo IconWhisper Croceo Fixed Damage, Proportional Damage
Whisper Bahamut IconWhisper Bahamut Fixed Damage, Proportional Damage
Sephiroth IconSephiroth Fixed Damage
Weiss IconWeiss Physical, Magic
Ramuh IconRamuh Ice, Fire
Nero IconNero -

What are Unreadable Enemies?

Unreadable enemies are those who are shrouded with mystery. These enemies are known to have inconcievable abilities exclusive only to themselves.

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Types of Enemies
Human Biological Artificial Life
Mechanical Unreadable

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