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Order Target - The Lathe
This is a guide for The Lathe in Assassin's Creed Valhalla (AC Valhalla). Read on to learn more about where to find and how to kill this Order of The Ancients member.

How to Unlock The Lathe?

To Serve The Light - Order of The Ancients
To unlock The Lathe, also known as Mucel, Heir to What He Tells, in the Order tab, you'll need to obtain Three Clues.

You can get the First Clue by killing either The Adze or the Zealot, Horsa.

This will lead you to the Second Clue at Buckingham's inn, where you'll have to win at the dice game Orlog to get the next clue. Click here to check out our guide to Orlog!

Orlog Dice Game Location
Map View Overworld View

Once you win it, you'll be directed to the Third Clue, located near Eatun Barn to the east of Oxenforda. The clue will be inside a cave behind the barn. The entrance to the cave is a breakable wall.

Eatun Barn Clue Location
Map View Overworld View

Obtaining this will reveal the identity and location of The Lathe.

Where to Find The Lathe?

Location Near the Buckingham dock to the northeast of Oxenforda

How to Kill The Lathe?

Killing The Lathe is very simple. You'll find him sitting near the dock of Buckingham. You can assassinate him freely since there are no guards nearby.

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