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Welcome to Game8's walkthrough wiki for Triangle Strategy, a tactical RPG developed by Square Enix for the Nintendo Switch. Learn everything we know about the latest in Square Enix's HD-2D series!

Triangle Strategy Story Walkthrough

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Complete Story Walkthrough

Chapter 1
A Young Hawk Soars
Chapter 2
To Arms, Brave Warriors
Chapter 3 Part 1
Whither the River Flows
Chapter 3 Part 2
A Land of Snow and Ice
(Aesfrost Route)
A Land of Sand and Sun
(Hyzante Route)
Chapter 4
A New Dawn
Chapter 5
Encroaching Darkness
Chapter 6
Remember Me
Chapter 7 Part 1
A Soul Upon the Scales
Chapter 7 Part 2
Not a Word, My Friend
(Protect Roland)
Fate in Flames
(Surrender Roland)
Chapter 8 Part 1
The Weather Vane Weather the Storm
Chapter 8 Part 2
Sleep with One Eye Open
(Accept Telliore's Proposal)
Parting Ways
(Reject Telliore's Proposal)
As the Earth Rages
(Fight Sorsley)
In the Eye of the Storm
(Attack Aesfrost)
Chapter 8 Part 3
Light and Shadow Of Hearts, Words, and Deeds
Chapter 9 Part 1
Dwindling Light
Chapter 9 Part 2
March of the Smugglers
(Transport the Illegal Salt)
To Desert's End
(Report the Illegal Salt)
Chapter 10 Part 1
Beneath a Frigid Sky In the Shadows of Suspicion
Chapter 10 Part 2
A Treacherous Soul
(Reveal Roland's Identity)
Enter the Arena
(Keep Roland's Secret)
The Carelessness of Men
(Find all Evidence)
Ask Me Naught
(Incomplete Evidence)
Chapter 10 Part 3
The Voice that Calls Us The Reward for Betrayal
Chapter 11 Part 1
Oppressions Under the Sun
Chapter 11 Part 2
The Bloodstained Conscience
(Deliver the Roselle)
To the Bitter End
(Defend the Roselle)
Chapter 12
Defiance and Despondence In the Still of the Night
Chapter 13 Part 1
Our Time Has Come
Chapter 13 Part 2
Waves of Change
(Destroy the Dam)
Time to Say Goodbye
(Infiltrate the Castle)
Born of Strife and Sadness
(Destroy the Bridge)
Chapter 14 Part 1
A Steep Cost Vengeance Burns Within Me For You, My Heart
Chapter 14 Part 2
Glory Shall Find You
Chapter 15 Part 1
A Banner's Worth
Chapter 15 Part 2
When Our Paths Part
(Return to Wolffort)
Were I King
(Remain in the Crown City)
In the Wake of a Dream
(Travel to the Rosellan Village after Delivering them in Chapter 11)
The Trot of Thieves
(Travel to the Rosellan Village after Defending them in Chapter 11)
Chapter 15 Part 3
Chapter 16
Sleep, My Friend
Chapter 17 Part 1
If Griefs Could Passions Move
Chapter 17 Part 2
Of Lords and Lineages
A River of Tears
One Last Request
Those of Aspiration
(Golden Route)
Chapter 18 Chapter 18 Part 1
Harden Thy Heart Begone, Shadow of Sadness From the Abyss Of Fire and Blood
Chapter 18 Part 2
Bound by Sorrow
Chapter 18 Part 3
For Freedom
Chapter 19
Wheresoever Passions Lead A Dream in Winter Hold Fast to Courage The Fortress That Is Faith
Chapter 20
No Turning Back
Final Chapter
Dance of the Automaton The Bell Tolls for No One Blessed Freedom For Norzelia

Triangle Strategy Characters

Triangle Strategy - Characters
All Characters and How to Recruit

Guaranteed Story Characters
Serenoa Wolffort Serenoa Wolffort Benedict Pascal Benedict Pascal Frederica Aesfrost Frederica Aesfrost Geela Breisse Geela Breisse
Roland Glenbrook Roland Glenbrook Hughette Bucklar Hughette Bucklar Erador Ballentine Erador Ballentine Anna Pascal Anna Pascal
Route Exclusive Characters
Corentin Jennar Corentin Jennar Rudolph Mueller Rudolph Mueller Milo Yuelle Milo Yuelle Cordelia Glenbrook Cordelia Glenbrook
Travis Travis Trish Trish Avlora Avlora -
Character Stories
Hossabara Freyya Hossabara Freyya Julio Wrightman Julio Wrightman Jens Macher Jens Macher Narve Oparyn Narve Oparyn
Piccoletta Piccoletta Medina Alliam Medina Alliam Lionel Khapita Lionel Khapita Ezana Q Ezana Q'linka
Archibald Genoe Archibald Genoe Groma Jurgina Groma Jurgina Flanagan Grutte Flanagan Grutte Decimal Decimal
Giovanna Koppel Giovanna Koppel Quahaug Quahaug Triangle Strategy - Secret Character.png Secret Character -

Triangle Strategy Tips and Tricks

Triangle Strategy - Tips and Tricks.png
Tips and Tricks

Triangle Strategy Tips and Tricks

Route Guides
How to Get the Golden Route Should You Choose Aesfrost or Hyzante?
Return to Wolffort, Stay in Crown City, or Visit Roselle Village? Should You Accept or Reject Silvio's Offer?
Should You Fight Sorsley or Attack Aesfrost? Transport or Report the Illegal Salt?
Destroy the Dam, Infiltrate the Castle, or Destroy the Bridge? Reveal Roland's Identity or Keep Roland's Secret?
Protect or Surrender Roland? Deliver or Defend the Roselle?
Basic Tips and Guides
Beginner's Combat Guide What Happens When Someone Dies?
All Encampment Features Things to Do During Exploration
List of All Status Changes and Effects Kudos Farming and List of Kudos
Unit Details and Stats Explained How to Influence the Scales of Conviction
Types of Terrain and Effects Mock Battles Guide
Quietuses Guide How to Unlock Character Stories
How to Promote Units How to Upgrade Weapons
How to Farm Materials For Weapon Upgrades Best Team and Strongest Members
New Game Plus How to Increase Conviction
Money Making Guide: How to Farm Coin Recruitment Guide: How Many Characters Can You Recruit
How to Level Up Fast What Happens If Your Inventory Is Full?
Weaknesses and Resistances Explained Who is the Hierophant?
List of All Weather and Effects Best Accessories and How to Get Them
System, Settings, and Controls
Difficulty Mode Differences How to Delete Your Save Files
Controls and Best Settings How to Save
Collectibles Locations
All Notes Locations All Information Locations
How to Get the Cat Chronicles -

Triangle Strategy Abilities

Abilities Banner.png

List of All Abilities

Triangle Strategy Weapons

Triangle Strategy - List of All Weapons

List of All Weapons

All Weapons
Triangle Strategy - Sword Swords Triangle Strategy - Spear Spears Triangle Strategy - Tomes Tomes
Triangle Strategy - Rod Wand Rods/Wands Triangle Strategy - Bow Bows Triangle Strategy - Shield Shields
Triangle Strategy - Knife Dagger Knives/Daggers Triangle Strategy - Staff Staves Triangle Strategy - Club Clubs
Triangle Strategy - Whips Whips Triangle Strategy - Racquets Racquets Triangle Strategy - Hammer.png Hammer
Triangle Strategy - Fists Fists Triangle Strategy - Fans Fans Triangle Strategy - PickaxesPickaxes
Triangle Strategy - Scopes Scopes - -

Triangle Strategy Items

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List of All Items

Triangle Strategy News and Game Info

Triangle Strategy - News and Info.png
News and Game Info

All Latest News

Triangle Strategy Released on March 4, 2022

Triangle Strategy is out now for the Nintendo Switch!

Pre-orders are now available from the Nintendo eShop for $59.99, as well as retailers like GameStop and Best Buy.

Release Date: When Does Triangle Strategy Come Out?

Transfer your Demo Save Data

Triangle Strategy Demo
The demo of Triangle Strategy is now available for download in the Nintendo E-Shop. It covers the first three chapters of the game, which could take about three to four hours to complete.

Demo Guide and Features: Does Demo Progress Carry Over?

Players May Begin Preloading Triangle Strategy

Triangle Strategy.png

Triangle Strategy has been made available for preload on the Nintendo Switch a week prior to its release! To preload the game, you need to pre-order the digital game from the Nintendo eShop first. The game will automatically be downloaded after you have made your purchase.

How to Preorder and All Preorder Bonuses

About Triangle Strategy

Game Information

Triangle Strategy Cover Art
Release Date March 4, 2022
Price $59.99 / £49.99 (Standard Edition)
£89.99 (Tactician's Limited Edition)
Release Versions Physical / Digital
Game File Size 5.8 GB
No. of Players 1
Genre Role-Playing, Strategy, Adventure

Tactical Turn-Based RPG

Triangle Strategy Gameplay

Triangle Strategy is a turn-based strategy RPG presented in grids, much akin to games like Tactics Ogre and Final Fantasy: Tactics.

You are encouraged to maneuver characters around multi-tiered battlefields to gain the upper hand by using the terrain to your advantage.

This can be done through enemy flanking or link elemental attacks to cause massive damage against your foes.

Your Choices Dictate the Story

There is heavy emphasis on the player's dialogue choices as it determines the protagonist Serenoa's conviction or views toward certain matters in the game.

Each decision you make will bolster one of three convictions—Utility, Morality, or Liberty—which together make up Serenoa’s worldview and influence who will join you and lend their talents to your army.

Multiple playthroughs are encouraged to experience everything Triangle Strategy has to offer!

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