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Fire Emblem Three Houses Sauna Guide

Learn how to use the Sauna, the latest facility added in the wave 3 DLC in Fire Emblem: Three Houses (FE3H) for the Nintendo Switch. Learn how you can unlock the Sauna as well as tips and tricks to get to the perfect temperature, and leave everyone very refreshed.

What is the Sauna?

A new feature released on the wave 3 of DLC, the Sauna is a facility where you and your units can refresh yourselves and grow closer. You can access it when you explore during Free Time, and it costs 1 activity point to use it.

How to Unlock the Sauna

Purchase the Expansion Pass

FE3H Expansion Pass
The Sauna is a new feature unlockable through the Fire Emblem: Three Houses Expansion Pass, which gives you 4 waves of DLC, including the Sauna which was released on Wave 3. It is purchasable through the Nintendo eShop for $24.99 USD.

Is The Expansion Pass (DLC) Worth It?

How to Unlock in Part 1

Complete the Sauna Time Quest

Sauna Time quest
This quest is available from Chapter 2 onwards, and it is marked as an additional quest provided by the DLC.

Go to the soldier located outside the Sauna and accept his quest to be able to unlock and use the Sauna for the first time.

How to Unlock in Part 2

In Part 2, there are no prerequisites to unlock the Sauna. Simply go to the location to use it.

How to Use the Sauna

Sauna Location

Sauna location

You can click on the map to enlarge the image.

The Sauna is located between your Personal Quarters and the Training Grounds. You can press R to fast-travel to that location.

Summary of Steps

1 Talk to the Sauna Boss and select the character to go with.
2 Use 5 action points to select between "Increase steam" and "Stay longer".

The goal is to control the gauges until you reach the black line.
3 Leave the Sauna refreshed and with increased support levels, as well as bonus points in skill training if you do well.

1. Select the Character to Go With

Invite to Sauna
To use the Sauna, talk to the Sauna Boss outside the facility, and select the character to go with. Take note that the character you select can only go with you once each month. However, you are free to keep using the Sauna with other characters. This will cost 1 activity point.

2. Control the Gauges Until You Reach the Black Line

Refreshed Characters
These are the options you have inside the Sauna. You have a maximum of 5 action points to get both gauges to the black line and have both characters refreshed. However, it is possible that a character may get refreshed before reaching the black line.

How much the gauges increase seems to be randomized, so you have to choose the best option.

  • Increase Steam - Adds water to the stones, raising the temperature and warming everyone up in the room a lot.
  • Stay Longer - Units stay in the sauna to grow warmer a little.
  • Leave - Ends the session.

Check the colored areas

Sauna gauge
Check where the gauge reaches. Green is the safe zone, and the character will start warming up. When the gauge turns orange, the character is getting hot. Once you reach red, the character will overheat.

A refreshed character will glow

Both characters refreshed
When a character is refreshed, you will see that they will start to glow and have sparkles. When a character has high support level with you, they will glow earlier.

The session automatically ends when a character overheats

Overheating in the Sauna
When the gauge goes beyond the black line, the character will overheat the Sauna session automatically ends.

3. Leave the Sauna Refreshed and With Increased Support Levels

Sauna results
Once you leave the Sauna, the characters are left refreshed, gaining support points with the other character. The character will also gain bonus points when skill training, depending on how refreshed they are. After the session, Byleth will give a comment or suggestion depending on how you did.

Sauna Effects and Rewards

Is It Worth It to Use the Sauna?

Increased Support Levels

After using the Sauna, support levels between Byleth and the selected character will increase.
Support and Romance Guide

Bonus Points in Increasing Skill Levels

Bonus points from Sauna
Depending on how many characters are refreshed, you will get improved results during Instruction, Advanced Drills, and Faculty Training for the whole month. This is a very effective way to spend activity points to grind your units' skill levels and have them learn abilities faster.

Refreshed +2 Bonus Points
Very Refreshed +4 Bonus Points

Tips and Tricks in Using the Sauna

Save the Game Before You Start

Because the outcome is not guaranteed, we recommend saving the game so you can restart if ever you do not get good results.

Increase Steam First

Increasing the steam
At the start when both gauges are empty, choose to increase the steam once or twice to get things going.

Once the gauges are halfway full, judge whether you should still increase the steam. Select this if you suspect the gauges will not go over the black line if you do so.

Use Stay Longer When Catching Up With the Other Gauge

Staying longer
On the third or fourth try, choose to stay longer if one gauge needs to catch up with the other. It will only increase the temperature a little so do this to have both gauges reach the black line.

Characters With High Support May Recover From Overheat

Sylvain recovers from overheat
There are rare chances where Byleth saves a character from overheating, and thank you as their gauge returns to the black line. This is more likely to happen if the character has high support with Byleth.

Learn When to Stop

If one gauge is already at the black line, and increasing the temperature will cause overheating, you should just end the session and reap the rewards, rather than not getting anything at all.

Effects are Received Even if Byleth Overheats

If you need to increase the heat a little more to get the other character's gauge up, even if it means getting Byleth overheating, it is okay to do so because even if Byleth overheats, as long as the character feels refreshed, they will still reap the rewards.

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