Classes That Can Use Magic | Fire Emblem Three Houses (FE3H)

This article lists all of the classes of using magic in Fire Emblem Three Houses (FE3H). Read on to learn how to maximize the potential of your high magic stat units and be able to plan out class advancement for your units in the future.

What Units Can Use Magic?

In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, all units are capable of learning magic. However, whether or not they can use that magic depends on the type of class they are.

This means that a unit of a class not capable of using magic (such as a Brawler, etc.) could potentially learn spells if their Reason or Faith is high enough, but they won't be able to utilize them without first changing classes.

Classes That Can Use Magic

Unique Classes

Enlightened One

enlightened one.jpg
A class that is unique to the main character, Byleth. The class is capable of physical attacks as well as magic attacks. This class makes Byleth a good all-rounder.


The Dancer class is a unique class that can only be obtained by winning the White Heron Cup. It is a supportive class capable of making an allied unit move again.


The first two easily accessible unique classes to all units. Nobles and Commoners are similar to each other and only differentiate in status among your students.

Beginner Class


The only Beginner Class that can use magic. Promote all units you plan to turn to magic users to a Monk ASAP.

Intermediate Classes


The easier to obtain magic-user class. Mages use the standard black magic and are the most staple choice to make an offensive type mage.


Priests are healers. They use Faith as their main source of abilities, and these abilities are focused on assisting allies in the field. Some units learn offensive abilities from faith, which makes them good candidates to become Holy Knights.

Dark mage

Dark mage.jpg
The class that uses Dark Magic. Dark Magic is a completely different set of offensive magic that is exclusive to the Dark Seal classes and two select units (Hubert and Lysithea). The Dark Magic class line needs a dark seal every time for promotion, which can only be obtained from the Death Knight. The unit must also be a male to be reclassed as a Dark mage.

Advanced Classes


The next level of Mage. Warlocks deal more damage with their black magic and are a staple class to have at any party.


The Bishop is the stronger version of a priest. It again relies on the faith skill to learn spells and give allies the necessary healing they need.

Dark Bishop

Dark Bishop.jpg
The Dark Bishop is exclusive only to male units and units that have classed up to a dark mage!. It is a stronger version of the dark mage so make sure to pursue this class if you want a hard-hitting magic-user.

Master Class

Mortal Savant

Mortal Savant.jpg
A Swordmaster capable of using magic. Mortal savants are extremely powerful and can lay waste to enemies whether they have a high defense or high resist by utilizing both their high physical and magical prowess.

Holy Knight

Holy Knight.jpg
The Holy Knight has offensive magic power similar to warlocks, but also retain their healing prowess. They have the same mobility of a cavalry unit as well, but It might be hard for bishops to switch to these classes due to the riding and lance skills required to class up.

Dark Knight

Dark Knight.jpg
The Dark Knight has the same offensive black magic power as warlocks but has the increased mobility of a cavalry unit. It might be hard for mages to switch to these classes due to the riding and lance skills required to class up.


A Dual Magic class that can only be accessed by female units. The Gremory is capable of using both White and Black magic to lay waste to enemies and aid allies alike.

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