List of Unique Classes | Fire Emblem: Three Houses (FE3H)

This is a guide to unique classes available in Fire Emblem Three Houses (FE3H). We listed down all the available unique classes found in FE3H, as well as their strengths and who can learn them.

List of Unique Classes

Noble/Commoner - Everyone

The first two easily accessible unique classes to all units. Nobles and Commoners are similar to each other, and only really differentiate by status among your students.

Dancer - White Heron Cup Winner

The Dancer class is a unique class that can only be obtained by winning the White Heron Cup. It is a supportive class capable of making an allied unit move again after they have completed their action.


Enlightened One - Byleth

enlightened one.jpg
A class that is unique to the main character, Byleth. The class is capable of physical attacks as well as magic attacks. This class makes Byleth a good all-rounder. Mastering the class gives Byleth the Sacred Power ability granting adjacent allies reduced damage from enemy attacks.

Unique Classes for House Leaders

Lord - House Leaders

Listed as an Intermediate class, the Lord class is only accessible to the main house leaders in the game. Lords sport a high mastery with the sword and also excel in authority. This class also boosts the damage your adjacent units deal to enemies. Mastering the class grants you the Subdue combat art.

High Lord - Dimitri

High Lord.jpg
The High Lord Class is the first unique class that Dimitri gets after the events in Chapter 12. It possesses a high average stat, and is a great class overall. Its difference from the Lord class is that it also excels with the Lance, making it a good fit for Dimitri. Mastering the class earns you the ability Pomp & Circumstance.

Great Lord - Dimitri

Great Lord.jpg
The next advancement class of the High Lord. The Great Lord has the same abilities and benefits of the High Lord, but sports a higher overall stats. Mastering the class lets you learn the combat art Paraselene.

Wyvern Master - Claude

The Wyvern Master is Claude's unique class. It is obtained after the events in Chapter 12. It gives Claude a flying mount, which allows him to travel through rough terrain with ease while still being able to excel in the bow.

Barbarossa - Claude

The Barbarossa is Claude's next unique class advancement after the Wyvern Master. It is automatically obtained after advancing the story in the Golden Deer Route. It sports higher stats than the Wyvern Master, making Claude a better unit overall.

Armored Lord - Edelgard

The Armored Lord is Edelgard's unique class. It is automatically obtained after the events in chapter 12, similar to the other unique classes of the other house leaders. It boosts Edelgard's heavy armor skill and axe, making her tankier and a harder hitter.

Emperor - Edelgard

The next class advancement for Edelgard's Armored Lord. It sports even better stats than the Armored Lord.

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