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This is a tier list for Combat Arts found in Fire Emblem Three Houses (FE3H). Use our Tier List to find out which combat arts will serve you the best during your battles throughout the game.

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Combat Art Tier List

Combat arts are special abilities your units can use during your turn. They can provide several effects, from increasing your damage, to moving allies on the map. We will list down below all the combat arts that we think are the best ones to have during your playthrough.

List of Combat Arts

S Tier

These combat arts are deemed the best combat arts available in the game. Make sure to abuse them if your units have them in their possession.

Fierce Iron Fist Hunter's Volley
Atrocity Point-Blank Volley
Curved Shot Swift Strikes

A Tier

While not as great as the S Tier Combat Arts, these are still great skills to equip and make use of if you've got them.

Subdue Swap
Foul Play War Master's Strike
Wind God Ruined Sky
Fallen Star Raging Storm
Foudroyant Strike Sublime Heaven
Ruptured Heaven Smite
Healing Focus Nimble Combo
Bombard Draining Blow
Fading Blow Encloser
Armored Strike Smash
Glowing Ember Finesse Blade

B Tier

These skills are good to throw on a unit if you are unsure of what other skills to equip. If you have an extra slot and one of these is available, you can get some use out of it.

Sword Dance Draw Back
Reposition Shove
Pneuma Gale Paraselene
Flickering Flower Eviscerate
Beast Fang Apocalyptic Flame
Burning Quake One-Two Punch
Break Shot Monster Blast
Monster Breaker Helm Splitter
Lance Jab Monster Piercer
Shatter Slash Knightkneeler
Bane of Monsters Grounder

C Tier

While no combat art is without its utility, these are simply inferior to the higher tier ones. Most of these are learned earlier in the game and can be traded out for better combat arts as your units level up.

Triangle Attack Astra
Assassinate Dust
Mighty Blow Mystic Blow
Monster Crusher Rushing Blow
Ward Arrow Schism Shot
Waning Shot Deadeye
Heavy Draw Exhaustive Strike
Diamond Axe Spike
Lightning Axe Wild Abandon
Focused Strike Frozen Lance
Hit and Run Vengeance
Tempest Lance Soulblade
Sunder Hexblade
Haze Slice Wrath Strike

Tier List Criteria

Effectiveness and Utility Is Prioritized

Fire Emblem is all about positioning, and we highlighted abilities that allow you to put the necessary units in their proper positions. This is why abilities like Smite , Foul Play, and Swap are positioned high in the tier list.


Damage output would only be seen if the ability can always be used in its maximum effect. This is why combat arts that can freely grant you multi hits and abilities like Atrocity, which is effective against all units, are placed in the S tier.

Unit Compatibility

FE3H Marianne Melee range.
Marianne in melee range of a demon beast using Soul Blade.

There are several abilities on the list that are actually quite good, but are placed in a lower tier than you might expect. This is due to the fact that the units that learn them aren't really supposed to use those abilities.

For example, Soul Blade is an extremely powerful ability, but it requires units who use it to be in melee range of enemies. Soul Blade is an ability that can be learned by mage units, and placing them in melee range would prove to be much more dangerous than their normal playstyle of hitting enemies with magic from afar.


There are abilities that are unique in the sense that out of all the combat arts, only they can provide the effect they can give. A good example is Curved Shot, which allows you to snipe normally unreachable enemies consistently with ease.

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List of Combat Arts

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Combat Arts Pages
Combat Arts Tier List
Sword Combat Arts List
Wrath Strike Grounder Bane of Monsters
Haze Slice Hexblade Sunder
Soulblade Windsweep Finesse Blade
Assassinate Astra Subdue
Axe Combat Arts List
Smash Helm Splitter Monster Breaker
Focused Strike Wild Abandon Lightning Axe
Spike Diamond Axe Armored Strike
Exhaustive Strike Flickering Flower War Master's Strike
Lance Combat Arts List
Tempest Lance Knightkneeler Shatter Slash
Vengeance Monster Piercer Hit and Run
Frozen Lance Swift Strikes Glowing Ember
Lance Jab Paraselene
Bow Combat Arts List
Curved Shot Heavy Draw Deadeye
Waning Shot Monster Blast Break Shot
Schism Shot Point-Blank Volley Encloser
Ward Arrow Wind God Hunter's Volley
Utility Combat Arts List
Draw Back Reposition Shove
Swap Smite
Relic Combat Arts List
Eviscerate Beast Fang Apocalyptic Flame
Dust Burning Quake Ruined Sky
Fallen Star Atrocity Raging Storm
Foudroyant Strike Sublime Heaven Ruptured Heaven

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