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This is a guide to gifts in Fire Emblem: Three Houses (FE3H). Here we will explain how to choose the best gifts for each character, where to buy gifts, and the effects of gifting!

What Are Gifts?

Gift List.jpg
Gifts are items that you can give to other characters to raise their support level with you, and if they are in your house or army, raise their motivation for the next instructional day. Each gift has a star rating, as well as a short description that tells you what kind of person would appreciate that particular gift.

Where To Get Gifts

Picked Up In the Monastery

FE3H Finding Items in the Monastery.jpg
Early on in the game, gifts can be found around the Monastery. Wander around during your exploration phase and you will see blue lights floating around certain areas. If you walk up to them and press A, you'll pick them up. These can either be gifts or any other item, such as Lost Items.

Purchasable in Merchant Shops

FE3H Marketplace
Once you get to Chapter 5: Tower of Black Winds, a Merchant will give you the sidequest Clearing the Way. Once you complete that battle, two new merchants who sell gifts will appear in the marketplace when you explore, the Southern Merchant and the Eastern Merchant. Completing Taking Care of Business in Chapter 16 will unlock the Dark Merchant, also sells other gifts.

You can only access these merchants while exploring, unlike the main four shops (Item Shop, Armory, Blacksmith, Battalion Guild), which can be accessed before exploration or before going into battle.

How to Give Gifts

Give During Free Exploration

You can initiate a conversation with people in the monastery during free exploration mode. During this time, you can give them gifts.

Give During Tea Time

Gifts tea time
Achieving a perfect tea time will allow you to give gifts to your tea time partner.

Effects of Giving Gifts

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Increases Support Level

Giving gifts to other characters boosts your support level with that character (marked with a green circle on the image above). This is a good way to recruit other characters to your house.

Increases Motivation

This is the best way to increase the motivation of units in the game (marked with a yellow oval on the image above). Giving gifts doesn't cost any activity points, so with enough gifts, you will be able to max out everyone's motivation, allowing them to get more proficiency in their selected goals during lessons.

Effect Changes Based on the Gift

Gifts aren't equal for everyone. There are certain things a certain character might like more than not. Giving characters gifts they are interested in will make the effects of the gifts better! This also works in reverse as giving them a gift they aren't particularly interested in will just make them question you.

Choosing The Best Gifts

Gift According to their Likes

likes and interests.jpg
Every character in the game has their likes and dislikes. This also reflects in their tea time conversation as well as gifts. Giving a person who likes hunting a hunting knife would make that gift more valuable for them than other gifts. Make sure to check your partner's likes and interests first before giving gifts!

Gift Owl Feathers When in Doubt

There is a universally accepted gift in the game called Owl Feathers. Owl Feathers cannot be purchased and can only be picked up in the monastery. This makes Owl Feathers rare but their flexibility and ability to be liked by all characters makes finding them worth the hassle.

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