The Attack Speed Formula | Fire Emblem Three Houses (FE3H)

This guide will explain the attack speed formula in Fire Emblem Three Houses (FE3H). Read on to know what stats affect attack speed and find out how to gain follow-up attacks (double attacks) on your foes!

What is Attack Speed?

A stat that decides who makes a follow-up attack

FE3H Double Attack
Attack speed indicates which units get to attack twice in a single turn. This can easily be seen by preparing the attack command against enemies. Another way to check is by checking the stats of your character and the enemy. If your attack speed is greater than 4 against the enemy, you get to attack twice.

What is the Attack Speed Formula?

AS = Speed - (Weight - Strength / 5)

Ashe with a speed of 37 also has an attack speed of 37 which proves the AS = Speed formula.

But Ashe's Attack Speed gets reduced by 1 after equipping a weapon with a weight of 6, but doesn't suffer loses to attack speed with a weapon weight of 5 which adds the (Weight - Strength / 5) into the formula, with the final formula being AS = Speed - (Weight - Strength / 5).

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