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This is a list of chapters in Part 2: Crimson Flower (Black Eagles Route) from Fire Emblem: Three Houses (FETH, FE3H). Here we show you how to unlock the Edelgard Route, and give a summary of each chapter.

Unlocking the Edelgard Route

FE3H How to Unlock Edelgard Route
In Chapter 11: Throne of Knowledge, in a normal playthrough Edelgard will reveal herself as the Flame Emperor and you must side with the Church of Seiros to stop her.

There is however a fourth route where you instead side with Edelgard and accompany her and the Black Eagle students through the war against the Church.

Have a Support Level of C+ with Edelgard

Before Chapter 11, you must have a Support rank of C+ with Edelgard. By then she will have revealed that she also bears the Crest of Flames.

Choose to Go to Edelgard's Coronation

FE3H Edelgard Route
During Exploration in Chapter 11, talking to Edelgard will have her ask you to accompany her to Enbarr, where she will be crowned. You can choose to go with her, at no loss, or choose to stay. Choosing to stay will lock you out of her route, however.

Be warned that doing this ends the exploration phase so only approach her after spending all your activity points.

Choose to Protect Her During the Mission

FE3H Edelgard Route Protect Edelgard
During the Chapter 11 Mission, Conflict in the Holy Tomb, Rhea will order you to attack Edelgard after the battle. If you went to the coronation, you can choose to defend Edelgard. This will lock you into the Crimson Flower route.

Crimson Flower: List of Chapters

Chapter 13 Beyond Escape
Chapter 14 The Master Tactician
Chapter 15 Tempest of Swords and Shields
Chapter 16 Lady of Deceit
Chapter 17 Field of Revenge
Chapter 18 To the End of a Dream

Crimson Flower Battle Walkthroughs

Part 2 - Crimson Flower Battle Walkthroughs

Black Eagles Route Story Summary

Chapter 12: Outset of a Power Struggle

After escaping the Holy Tomb, you, Edelgard, and the rest of the Black Eagle students rally up in an Imperial encampment close to the monastery. You prepare to lead a siege into the Garreg Mach and take the place by storm.

Chapter 12: Outset of a Power Struggle (Edelgarde Route) Walkthrough

Chapter 13: Beyond Escape

2020052610135200-0DC6ECE91CF3F6F02BAFC002E3FFBAAD (1).jpg
Upon waking up from your long slumber, you decide to head back to the Monastery. Your students at Garreg Mach, now formally called the Black Eagle Strike Force, are overjoyed to see you, but at once you're put into the fray. You are tasked with leading them to take the Great Bridge of Myrddin, held by Alliance forces.
Chapter 13: Beyond Escape Walkthrough

Chapter 14: The Master Tactician

With the Great Bridge of Myrddin seized, the road to Derdriu lies open. The aquatic capital of the Alliance and the base of House Riegan, Claude and his army await your forces there. As he is the leader of the anti-Imperial faction of the Alliance, it is up to you to crush his troops and bring the Alliance into the folds of the Adrestian Empire.

Chapter 14: The Master Tactician Walkthrough

Chapter 15: The Temptest of Swords and Shields

With the Alliance lords flocking to the Imperial banner, Edelgard and the Black Eagle Strike Force set their eyes on the the Kingdom of Faerghus, and prepare to march at once. Little do they know that in the shadows, their enemies like for retribution and payback for the events 5 years ago.

Chapter 15: Tempest of Swords and Shields Walkthrough

Chapter 16: The Lady of Deceit

2020052610410700-0DC6ECE91CF3F6F02BAFC002E3FFBAAD (1).jpg
After winning a pyrrhic victory over the Knights of Seiros, Edelgard announces that they will march towards Fhirdiad. She, however, has other plans and intends to march to Arianrhod. There, the Black Eagle Strike Force will fight Cornelia, who is revealed to be one of Those Who Slither In The Dark, the shadowy organization pulling the strings throughout history.

Chapter 16: Lady of Deceit Walkthrough

Chapter 17: Field of Revenge

Now that the path to Fhirdiad, the Kingdom capital, is clear, the Imperial army marches onwards. King Dimitri and Rhea plan to meet them with their armies in the Talitean Plains, each focused on killing the heads of the army for revenge.

Chapter 17: Field of Revenge Walkthrough

Chapter 18: To the End of a Dream

With the main Kingdom army crushed, the remnants of the Kingdom and the rest of the Church forces make their final stand in Fhirdiad. The Black Eagle Strike Force intends to drop the decisive blow that will end the reign of Rhea's tyranny here and now.

Chapter 18: To the End of a Dream Walkthrough

Black Eagles Characters

Edelgard IconEdelgard Hubert IconHubert Ferdinand IconFerdinand Linhardt IconLinhardt
Caspar IconCaspar Bernadetta IconBernadetta Dorothea IconDorothea Petra IconPetra
Jeritza IconJeritza

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