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This is a list of all the items you can find in Fire Emblem: Three Houses (FETH, FE3H). Read on to find out about their effects, how to obtain them, and their buy and sell prices!

List of Items

Consumable Items

These are items that are usable in the middle of battles. They range from healing your units to other miscellaneous effects.

Name Effect
Vulnerary Use to recover 10 HP.
Concoction Use to recover 20 HP.
Elixir Use to recover 99 HP.
Torch Increases visibility in heavy fog.
Antitoxin Use to remove the effects of poison.
Pure Water Use to temporarily increase resistance by 7. Effect gradually wears off as turn count increases.
Door Key Unlocks a door.
Chest Key Unlocks a chest.
Master Key Unlocks both doors and chests.

Stat Boosting Items

These items are used to permanently raise certain stats for the characters they are used on.

Name Effect
Seraph Robe Permanently increases max HP by 5.
Energy Drop Permanently increases strength by 2.
Spirit Dust Permanently increases magic by 2.
Secret Book Permanently increases dexterity by 2.
Speedwing Permanently increases speed by 2.
Goddess Icon Permanently increases luck by 4.
Giant Shell Permanently increases defense by 2.
Talisman Permanently increases resistance by 2.
Black Pearl Permanently increases charm by 2.
Fruit of Life Permanently increases HP by 1.
Rocky Burdock Permanently increases strength by 1.
Premium Magic Herbs Permanently increases magic by 1.
Ailell Pomegranate Permanently increases dexterity by 1.
Speed Carrot Permanently increases speed by 1.
Miracle Bean Permanently increases luck by 1.
Ambrosia Permanently increases defense by 1.
White Verona Permanently increases resistance by 1.
Golden Apple Permanently increases charm by 1.


These items are used for your unit's certification. Higher grade seals are needed to advance to higher tiered classes.

Name Effect
Beginner Seal Allows unit to take the certification exam for a beginner class.
Intermediate Seal Allows unit to take the certification exam for an intermediate class.
Advanced Seal Allows unit to take the certification exam for an advanced class.
Master Seal Allows unit to take the certification exam for a master class.
Dark Seal Allows unit to take the certification exam for a class that uses dark magic.


These items are used to increase the your support level with your chosen character.

Name Effect
Whetstone ★★
Watering Can ★★
Violet ★★★
Training Weight ★★★
Tea Leaves ★★★
Tasty Baked Treat
Sunflower ★★★
Stylish Hair Clip ★★
Smoked Meat
Rose ★★★
Riding Boots ★★★
Pitcher Plant ★★★
Owl Feather ★★★
Lily of the Valley ★★★
Lily ★★★
Legends of Chivalry ★★★
Lavender ★★★
Landscape Painting ★★★★
Hunting Dagger ★★
Goddes Statuette ★★★
Gemstone Beads
Forget-me-nots ★★★
Floral Adornment
Fishing Float
Exotic Spices ★★★★
Dapper Handkerchief ★★
Daffodil ★★★
Coffee Beans ★★★★
Ceremonial Sword ★★★★
Carnation ★★★
Board Game ★★★★
Blue Cheese ★★★★
Baby's Breath ★★★
Armored Bear Stuffy ★★★
Anemone ★★★
Ancient Coin ★★★


Baits are used to fish in the monastery. Higher grade baits can bait better fishes.

Name Effect
Herring Bait ★★★★★
Blowfly ★★★★
Earthworm ★★★
Pond Snail ★★
Insect Larva


Seeds can be used in the greenhouse to plant flowers. Rewards from gardening ranges from gifts to foods to even stat boosting items.

Name Effect
Boa-Fruit Seeds ★★★★★
Angelica Seeds ★★★★★
Nordsalat Seeds ★★★★
Morfis-Plum Seeds ★★★★
White Flower Seeds ★★★
Yellow Flower Seeds ★★★
Green Flower Seeds ★★★
Red Flower Seeds ★★★
Purple Flower Seeds ★★★
Pale-Blue Flower Seeds ★★★
Blue Flower Seeds ★★★
Southern Fódlan Seeds ★★
Northern Fódlan Seeds ★★
Morfis Seeds ★★
Albinean Seeds ★★
Eastern Fódlan Seeds ★★
Western Fódlan Seeds
Vegetable Seeds
Root Vegetable Seeds
Mixed Herb Seeds
Mixed Fruit Seeds


Ores are primarily used to forge or repair equipments in the game.

Name Effect
Venomstone ★★★★★
Umbral Steel ★★★★★
Mythril ★★★★★
Wootz Steel ★★★★
Agarthium ★★★★
Arcane Crystal ★★★
Black-Sand Steel ★★
Smithing Stone


Primarily used for selling. Bullions have an extremely high sell price and are mainly used to fund your army during your playthrough.

Name Sell Price
Extra Large Bullion 10,000
Large Bullion 5,000
Bullion 1,000

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