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FE3H Lost Items
This is a list of Lost Items found in Fire Emblem: Three Houses (FE3H). Here you can find a list of all lost items, their location and chapter, as well as who they belong to.

Lost Items List

Chapter 3 Lost Items

Item Owner
Dulled Long Sword Dimitri
Elegant Hair Clip Rhea
Hand Drawn Map Leonie
Leather Bow Sheath Claude
School of Sorcery Book Annette
Sketch of a Sigil Hanneman
Tattered Overcoat Caspar
White Glove Edelgard
Wooden Button Raphael
Wooden Flask Jeralt

Chapter 4 Lost Items

Item Owner
Artificial Flower Lorenz
Badge of Graduation Catherine
Bag of Tea Leaves Ferdinand
Confessional Letter Marianne
Hedgehog Case Bernadetta
Mysterious Notebook Alois
Noxious Handkerchief Hubert
Secret Ledger* Anna
Thunderbrand Replica Caspar
Used Bottle of Perfume Hilda
Wellness Herbs Manuela

Chapter 5 Lost Items

Item Owner
Art Book Ignatz
Curry Comb Ingrid
Encyclopedia of Sweets Lysithea
Exotic Feather Petra
Feather Pillow Linhardt
Gold Earring Dedue
Makeup Brush* Yuri
Needle and Thread Bernadetta
Nimbus Charm* Constance
Portrait of Rhea Cyril
Sword Belt Fragment Felix
Unused Lipstick Sylvain

Chapter 6 Lost Items

Item Owner
Agricultural Survey Ferdinand
Antique Clasp Flayn
Bundle of Herbs Ashe
Hammer and Chisel Hanneman
How to Bake Sweets Mercedes
How to be Tidy Marianne
Seiros Scriptures Rhea
Silver Brooch Dorothea
Silver Necklace Gilbert
Spotless Bandage Hilda
Well-Worn Hammock* Balthus

Chapter 7 Lost Items

Item Owner
Black Iron Spur Felix
Black Leather Gloves Dimitri
Board Game Piece Claude
Bundle of Dry Hemp Shamir
Burlap Sack of Rocks Raphael
Gardening Shears Dedue
Jousting Almanac Ingrid
Letter to Rhea Catherine
Shiny Striated Pebble* Hapi
Small Tanned Hide Petra
Time-worn Quill Pen Edelgard

Chapter 8 Lost Items

Item Owner
A Treatise on Etiquette Lorenz
Balance Scale* Anna
Clean Dusting Cloth Manuela
Crude Arrowheads Leonie
Crumpled Love Letter Sylvain
Foreign Gold Coin Alois
Fruit Preserves Mercedes
Hresvelg Treatise Hubert
Mild Stomach Poison Claude
Old Map of Enbarr Flayn
Repellent Powder* Constance
Songstress Poster Dorothea
Still-Life Picture Bernadetta
Suspicious Dice* Yuri
The Saints Revealed Linhardt
Unfinished Fable Seteth
Well-Used Hatchet Cyril

Chapter 9 Lost Items

Item Owner
Animated Bait Linhardt
Big Spoon Raphael
Blue Stone Ignatz
Book of Ghost Stories Mercedes
Carving Hammer Gilbert
Centipede Picture Shamir
Evil-Repelling Amulet Ashe
Faded Star Chart Rhea
Folding Razor Hubert
Lens Cloth Hanneman
Old Cleaning Cloth Cyril
Old Fishing Rod Seteth
Princess Doll Lysithea
Stiff Hand Wrap* Balthus
Unfinished Score Annette

Chapter 10 Lost Items

Item Owner
Animal Bone Dice¹ Shamir
Bag of Seeds Marianne
Basket of Berries* Hapi
Dusty Book of Fables Flayn
Eastern Porcelain Edelgard
Fur Scarf Leonie
Handmade Hair Clip Hilda
Introduction to Magic¹ Alois
Iron Cooking Pot Dedue
Letters to the Goddess Ignatz
Light Purple Veil Manuela
Lovely Comb Dorothea
Noseless Puppet¹ Gilbert
Snapped Writing Quill Seteth
Toothed Dagger Felix
Training Logbook Dimitri
Weathered Cloak¹ Catherine

* Can be by any other path except Black Eagles/Crimson Flower

¹ Cannot be returned until the next chapter.

Chapter 11 Lost Items

Item Owner
Annotated Ditcionary Petra
Grounding Charm Caspar
History of Sreng Sylvain
Maintenance Oil Ferdinand
Moon Knight's Tale Ashe
New Bottle of Perfume Lysithea
Pegasus Horseshoes Ingrid
Silk Handkercheif Lorenz
Wax Diptych Annette

What Are Lost Items?

Lost items are items belonging to various inhabitants of Garreg Mach found scattered around the monastery. Like any item found while exploring the monastery, they appear as a blue light that you can interact with. When found, you can interact with the student and return it by selecting the Lost Item option. Lost items increase your support level with their owner when returned and, if they are in your house, increase their motivation by 50. The effect is the same as giving someone their favorite gift.

FE3H Lost Items

They first appear the side quest Lost? Found! given by Jeralt in Chapter 3: Mutiny in the Mist, and then start appearing monthly when you explore the monastery until Chapter 11. Until the end of Chapter 11, you can return the items to anyone whether or not they are in your house, but for Part 2, you can only return lost items to those who are in your army. However, there are some specific characters whose lost items you can only find if you are in their route, as this is the only way they will be in your house.

House Unique Character
Blue Lions Dimitri
Black Eagles Edelgard
Golden Deer Claude

*Can be by any other path except Black Eagles/Crimson Flower

When Can You Return Lost Items?

If you find the lost item of someone not in your house, and you don't plan on improving the skills they want in order to be recruited, you should ideally return the lost item right away. This is because if you increase your support level with them, they lower the required level of the skill you need to recruit them. This is one of the few ways to increase support with someone outside of battle.

If they are in your house, it may be prudent to save their lost items for days where you do not have enough professor points to raise their motivation through activities. This is to ensure that you can always maximize the motivation gained from the lost item.

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