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A guide for the Advice Box questions in Fire Emblem: Three Houses (FE3H). Read on to learn the correct answers for all advice box questions in the cathedral.

Advice Box Answers (Pre Timeskip)

These are the advice box answers before the the timeskip happens.

Note Reply
Song and dance live on in our memories, but there's no real record of them. Even memories fade over time. Will anyone remember me when I'm gone. I'm sure you'll live on in someone's heart.
Classroom learning isn't enough to become a strong knight! There's got to be someone around here who can teach me how to get as strong as possible! Dimitri would be a good resource.
I'm hesitant to invite a girl to my room in the middle of the night with You Know Who living right next door. I'm terrified of the scolding I'd get the next day. Maybe I'll rethink the room assignments.
I have as many worries as anyone else, but I must always feign dauntlessness. It can be taxing at times. Find time to relax now and then
I typically decorate with red roses when I host a tea party, but lately I am considering the virtues of variety. Do you have any thougts about other flower I might try? White lilies are pleasant and calming.
Everyone treats me like a child. Please do something about it. You shouldn't feel pressured to act older than you are.
What can I do to ensure that an independently-minded young woman does not fall into harm's way? Keep an eye on her from a distance.
What can I do to ensure that an independently-minded young woman does not fall into harm's way? Keep an eye on her from a distance.
Meat and vegetables are both delicious, but some people complain about not liking one or the other. I just don't understand how anyone can snub a good meal. A well-prepared meal should be enjoyed by all.
I've looked at the notes in this box before, and it seems like everyone's always worried and complaining about stuff! Is everyone really that bad off? Worry often leads to growth.
It's my turn to clean, but I'm feeling under the weather. Even writing this note is a strain! I need to get someone else to do my cleaning for me. Who should I ask? Mercedes might be willing to help.
There are as many men in the world as there are stars in the sky, but you meet so few good men during your time on this planet. How does one meet a worth partner? Man or no man, lots of people care about you.
I want to be able to enjoy my hobbies, but there's not enought time when I have to wait for everyone to go to bed and clear out of the common areas. I'm so sorry. That sounds like an impossible situation.
I usually enjoy sweets, but the traditional cakes from Enbarr are a bit much for my taste. How could those have possible become a traditional dessert? Who cares? Traditions are meant to be broken.
Life would be so much easier if no one had to talk face-to-face. Isn't written correspondence like this really the best form of communication? Or face-to-door chat? Occasional human interaction is good for you.
Words cannot express my disgust with the students here. So many of these fools rely on their noble status or their Crest's power as an excuse to shirk their training. You should spar with them.
I have always despised the heat, even as a child. Still, one must be prepared to fight anywhere, no matter the conditions. Have you any advice for enduring the heat? Look for clothing and armor that breathe better.
(There's just a drawing of a what looks like a broken vase.) If you broke a vase, you should apologize to the owner.
I see it all the time. Someone falls for a scheme and then gets angry about it. But rather than being mad at the schemer, shouldn't they be busy plotting their revenge? Sounds like the logic of a schemer.
Being a bit older than everyone else, I want the others to rely on me like an older sister. Is there anything I can do to make myself more approachable? Don't worry, you already are.
Whenever I go for a walk, I get this strange feeling that someone is watching me. Who could it be? The goddess is watching from on high.
I found a wonderful painting at a shop in town. What a shame keeping this masterpiece all to myself! Can you think of an art lover in Garreg Mach I could share it with? You should show it to Sylvain
I've slept almost everywhere in this monastery, but lately I've been wanting to try sleeping outdoors. Do you know somewhere I could sleep under the star? A courtyard full of blooming flowers.
When I get into a rhythm while cleaning, I always end up singing a song that I make up on the spot. It's so embarassing when someone hears me! What should I do? I bet people really enjoys your song.
I am occasionally asked to attend tea parties, but in truth, I do not care for hot beverages. I have considering waiting until it cools to drink, but I fear that would seem rude. You should just be honest with your host.
I am trying to settle on a gift for a certain young lady who has experienced tough times as of late. Any suggestions? An academic textbook
I've never been very good at arithmetic, but I can see how it would be a great skill to have when negotiating with merchants. How do I make it easier to learn? Ask a friend to instruct you.
I'd like to borrow a book from the library, but there are so many to choose from that I can't decide. Do you have any recommendations? A History of the Founding of Faerghus.
The tea here does absolutely nothing for me. I could send for some supplies from home, but is there truly not a soul in this place with a tea fir for a noble? Lorenz would be a good source.
There are many citizens of the Empire who are currently in despair. I think it is time for a change in leadership. Perhaps someone new should ascend the throne? You would do well as a ruler, Ferdinand
There's someone I just can't seem to beat. What's a quick and easy wat to make them give up and say uncle "Quick and easy" never works.
I often overhear people commenting about how strange I am. I don't really get it, Shouldn't it be expected that everyone has their own unique perspective on life? Just follow your own path and don't worry about them.
I am more than capable of protectig myself from ruffians, but those around me tend to worry, and so I am often denied the pleasure of a private stroll. You're too important, so I'm afraid it can't be helped.
I want to make someone change his boorish behavior, but he doesn't seem to care no matter how much I urge him to reconsider his actions. I'm at my wits' end! It's probably time for your professor to step in.
I am always looking to assist His Highness, but sometimes I find myself at a loss. What more can I do? Guard him with your life.
I try to hold bak when swinging a weapon, but sometimes I misjudge my own strength. I've broken so many weaons this way. Is there anything I can do to remedy this? Taka care to repair weapons between training sessions.
You can always put on more clothing when it's cold, but you can only remove so many layers in the heat. How does one survive a hot summer? Focus on reading to occupy your mind.
I'm not good at talking to others. Ican talk to birds, horses, and other animals just fine, but when it comes to people, I freeze up. Try pretending the person you're talking to is a horse.
When I was in the greenhouse earlier, a female student fled from me as if in terror. Why did she do that? I was only tending the flowers. Perhaps you unintentionally scowled at her
You know, I don't even care when people say I'm short. But I'm definitely open to suggestions if you know of a way quick way to grow! Getting plenty of sleep might help.
There is a person with whom I do not get along. Childish as it may sound, we always end up quarreling. Is there nothing I can do to remedy this? Try treating them like you would a friend.
I wonder if i'll ever find a partner who understands I don't mean any harm when I flirt with others. Does someone like that really exist? You're bound to meet someone open-minded someday.
I often hear ridiculous rumors about ghosts appearing in the monastery. It's nonsense and it's disrupting my studies. There aren't really ghosts, are there? You have nothing to worry aboout. There are no ghosts
I feel like the tough fighters who become legends mostly use swords and lances. Are those really the weapons you have to wield if you want to make your mark on history? You should fight with the weapon that suits you best
Even if I find love, I won't be able to live without money. I would like to get married someday, but I refuse to go back to being poor. What should I pursue? Love and money aren't mutually exclusive. Strive for both.
Let me just ask you straight. What do you think makes a great mercenary? The will to fight for those who can’t protect themselves.
The library is a place I favor, but I am having a problem. It is lacking sufficient information about Brigid! I have the hope that I can be fixing this problem You should add to the traveler's Journal
Nothing surpasses the Hresvelg Tratise on War as a general study on strategy, but what book best covers local tactics? Try reading Cichol's General Treatise on Mercenaries
Despite my appearnce, I have long wished to be a Pegasus Knight that I may indulge in the lofty view. Yet that dream has always seemed out of reach. Can you guess why? Because heights make you uneasy?
If I told you I was searching for someone who might like to share a cup of tea with an elegant noble, whose name would come to mind? Ferdinand would be a good company.
There's someone whose Crest I wish to study. I've asked many times, but I can't get them to consent. There must be some way to persuade them. Nothing beats sincerity.
My fellow students have called me dour. They say I should joke around more often. But what's the point in that? It can help settle prebattle nerves.
I'm supposed to write a letter to my brother to let him know how I'm doing. But there's nothing that I want to write about, and on top of that, it's just too much work. Why don't you tell him about your friends?
I'm not good at cleaning up. I try my best, but before I know it, everything's messy again. Cleaning is easy when you have a plan of attack
I wish to make new friends, but my brother always interferes. How can I get him to back off? I’ll persuade him to stop
I have great love for the sea, but Garreg mach has too much distance from it. I am needing to be inside the water soon... Where is the best place for swmming? You should visit the sea to the south.
Lately I feel myself growing tired and out of practice. I wish there was someone around here with whom I could dance fervently and intensely. What about Dorothea?
When I see the students enthusiastically eating together in the dining hall, I sometimes wish to join them. I wonder if that would be a bother. I'm sure the students would be happy to share a meal.
I want to get better at cooking, but I don't know where to start. I wish I knew someone who could help me. You should cook with Ashe.

Advice Box Answers (Post Timeskip)

These are the advice box answers after the timeskip happens. The messages are limited based on the units you have on your team, as opposed to part 1 where the messages are from people from the whole monastery.

Note Reply
I appreciate ruined buildings. They symbolize that no home is permanent. They remind us that life is impermanent as well.
What’s the difference between killing someone and calling for their death instead? In both situations, their blood is on your hands, so isn’t it all the same? Like all things, it’s about context and perspective.
If someone is having trouble falling asleep, you could sing them a lullaby, but you can't really do that for yourself. Is there anything you can do to help yourself fall asleep? If you exercise before bed, that's sure to tire you out.
I hate that I couldn't protect Lady Rhea five years ago. I need to get stronger. Keep at it. You're getting stronger all the time.
Sometimes I think that living like I do, single but surrounded by talented youths, might not be such a lonely life after all. After all, I'm not lonely, really. If you do get lonely, I can lend you an ear.
I'm writing a letter to my little sis, and I want to send her a present, but I never know what to send. What kind of gift do you think would make her happy? Send her some tasty treats.
I wrote a letter to my wife back home, but now I can't bring myself to send it. I'm sure hearing from you would make her happy.
I'm weary from this ceaseless fighting, I wonder if I'll ever meet a kind, beatiful young lady who can cure my hardened heart. You will one day. I'm sure of it.
I thought being a noble meant having some sway in life. I thought if I told people I wanted to stay locked up in my room, they’d leave me be. One day everyone will listen to you...and leave you alone.
Growing out my hair was not intentional. I was busy with other things in life, so I never thought to get it cut. It hurts that others thought I grew my hair out to be fashionable. It looks good on you.
Everyday is filled with nothing but the harshness of war. My only solace is eating sweets. Is that childish of me? Everyone finds solace in different ways.
I used to think it foolish to cover one's face in battle with a mask or helmet, but it actually may not be that bad. It means you don't have to look your opponent in the eye. Never turn a blind eye to your own actions.
I hate having to be sneaky and stay quiet when an enemy is in my line of sight. It's not that I can't do it, but I don't think I'm cut out for ambushes and stuff like that. You'll get better at it if you train.
I fear that I may not be able to achieve my dram within my lifetime. Therefore, I must find up a worth successor. Wherever will I locate such a fervent youth? It will be easy after we rebuild the Officers Academy.
All we do is battle. The fighting never stops, and it’s turning everyone’s disposition dour. Even the ladies! We should throw a banquet to lift everyone’s spirits. Good idea, I’ll see what I can do.
I fear falling asleep at night. I worry that I will not awaken for many yars. and that when I do, all of my friends will be gone. We won't allow that to happen.
Sometimes I make really, really big mistakes. But I can't afford to make mistakes on the battlefield, you know? Isn't there a way for me to fix that? Just stay calm and be aware of your surroundings.
In the past, I would nearly pass out if I got splattered by an enemy's blood. Nowadays I remain entirely conscious, even if my face is drenced in blood. It's disgusting. It's natual to feel repelled by the horrors of war.
I really start craving sweets when I'm tired or stressed out. I wish there was some kind of yummy confection that I could make with the limited ingredients available to us. Check the library for a simple, traditional recipe.
My hair's longer than it used to be. I don't care much what the guys think, but I'm still curious if it lookds good on me. It looks good long.
I want to be helpful, but I lack the self-confidence to do so. It is OK for someone like me to be here, or should I leave? You should stay, You're more helpful than you realize
What are all thes knight lovers talking about when they go on and on about chivalry? Maybe I don't get it because I don't care about being a knight. They're referring to strength and courage.
Garreg Mach is surrounded by the abundance of nature, but securing provisions during times of warring can still be difficult. The is different from the land of my home. Yes, this place is quite different than Brigid.
In an attempt to clean my room, I tried to throw out the things I no longer need, but I can't bring myself to do it. After all, I can't just throw away precious memories, right? Meeting new people helps make new memories
Nobles must never lose their composure. We must always exude an aura of grace. That said, is it necessary for us to be graceful on the battlefield as well? In battle, survival is all that matters.
I trip all the time, but what if I trip on the battlefield? Will I die? I'm probably going to die. Focus on what you'll do if the enemy trips instead.
After the war, we'll have fewer opportunities to fight. When that day comes, what should I do? How will I keep my sword skills sharp? Strive to become the best in all of Fodlan.
It is, of course, necessary to keep one's quarters nice and tidy. I wish that the battlefield could gbe tidy as well, but I know that is a hopeless wish. A messy battlefield helps one appreciate a clean room.
My friend's birthday is coming up, and I want to make her a gift. What would be better, a hair clip or a necklace? I'm sure she'd be happy to get either one.
I'd like to have a duel with you where we're both giving it our all, but I suspect if we crossed blades without holding anything back, one of us would end up dead. Let's just try to survive this war for now.
My dream of becoming a proper knight still feels so far off. What can I do to realize my full potential? Be honest and stick to your convictions.
I wonder if a day will come when both the monastery and Faerghus are restored to their former glory. That day will come. We'll make sure of it.
Someone I care about has been working so hard that I'm worried they might collapse from exhaustion. Is there anything I can do? A nice meal shows support and provides a chance to relax.
I have a burning ambition, but making it come true would mean betraying my parent's wishes. I'm not courageous enough to persuade them. What should I do? Nothing will change unless you're honest with them.
A subordinate is down because they failed a recon mission. Making it back alive should be reward enough. How can I convince them of this? Say that only the living can learn from their mistakes.
My dear friend has been behaving strangely. He doesn't seem to have much of an appetite, and he's been neighing less often. I'm afraid he may be sick. You should seek out an expert opinion, just to be safe.
Everyone who hears the songs I make up laughs and says they're funny, but they're not supposed to be humorous! What's so funny about my lyrics? Don't fret. They're great lyrics that are unforgettable.
Some people want to make a difference by fighting on the front lines, but there are those of us who want to provide support from the back. Don't you think we're heroes too? As long as everyone does their part, I'm happy
Isn't there a way to turn withered, barren land into soil that is rich and abundant with crops? It pains my heart to see people dying of starvation. Check the library for books on unique farming techniques.
I have concerns about allowing a young woman still on the cusp of adulthood to spend time alone with members of the opposite sex. What are your thoughts? Try to prevent it as much as you can.
I've always hated exercising and avoided training, but now I'm afraid that I may be holding everyone back. Is there anything I can do to yelp support my allies? You can boost their morale with a delicious meal.
I've recenty begun to think that ghosts may not exist. But if that's true, I don't know how to explain what I saw when I was a kid. It could have been some kind of magic.
I have attained great skill at writing this language, but speaking it still gives me ifficulty. Can you provide me with advice or achieving mastery of this? Petra?! You're doing an amazing job already!
I don't have time to leisurely wait for the future. Even if it means resorting to violence, I want to end this war as soon as possible. Is that selfish of me? The steady approach is actually the fastest, in the end.
People always say that my muscles are huge, but I'm still not satisfied!It would be way better iy my muscles were even huger, right? Huge muscles are a symbol of strength
I think a change of pace is necessary every so often, especially in times like these. That said, how do you suggest I change my pace? You should sample food at various restaurants

About the Advice Box

Collection of Concerns

The Advice Box collects letters from the people of the Monastery. Byleth can take the notes and provide answers for them. Answering their concern in a good way will boost your support level with the said character.

Found in the cathedral

The Advice Box is one of the activities that can be done in the cathedral. After entering the cathedral, go to the left and look for a male character that you can speak with to get started.

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