Gardening Guide | Fire Emblem: Three Houses (FE3H)

This is a guide to gardening in Fire Emblem: Three Houses (FE3H). Learn how to plant seeds and harvest crops in the Greenhouse, and see types of seeds you can plant.

What is Gardening?

An Event in Exploration Mode

FE3H Greenhouse.jpg
Gardening is one of the main activities you can do in the Greenhouse during Free Time. Similar to fishing, gardening does not consume activity points, so you can use this to farm professor EXP while getting rewards, including items that boost stats, and items that you can send as gifts.

You can only cultivate seeds once each visit, and harvest them the next time you explore. The number of seeds you can plant at a time also depends on your professor level.

Harvest During Blessing of the Land

Garland Moon Calendar.png
Always check the calendar for special events that affect Free Time activites such as fishing and gardening. During Blessing of the Land, you will be able to harvest more crops than usual.

What Can Get From Gardening?

Gain Professor Experience

FE3H Professor EXP
Professor Experience is extremely valuable and scarce. By gaining professor levels, you can do more activities while in the monastery. By gardening, you literally gain free EXP.

Professor Level Guide | How to Raise Professor Level

Seeds and Ingredients

The most common items you can get are seeds. The seeds you get depend on the seeds you have planted. You can try doing a different combination, or cultivating more for a different result. You can also get produce which can be used for cooking. Dishes that you cook give stat bonuses, so do not miss out on that!


You can also get flowers which are perfect for gifts, especially for characters who love flowers.

Gift Giving Guide

Stat-Boosting Items

The best items you can get from gardening are items that boost your stats, like the Fruit of Life, which adds to your Max HP by 1.

How to Unlock Gardening

Finish the "Green Thumb Beginnings" Quest in Chapter 1

Green Thumb Beginnings Quest.jpg
To be able to use the Greenhouse and unlock the gardening activity, you need to finish the "Green Thumb Beginnings" side quest from Dedue in Chapter 1: Three Houses, where you will grow and harvest crops for the first time.

How to Plant Crops

Go to the Greenhouse

Do some gardening.jpg
First go to the Greenhouse to talk to the Greenhouse Keeper, and choose to do some gardening.

Select the Seeds to Plant

Select seeds to plant.jpg

There are 3 options available, but you will want to select Plant. You will see the list of seeds you currently have which you plant. Seeds can be either harvested from previous crops, rewarded from quests, or bought at the Southern Merchant during exploration he is unlocked.

The number of seeds you can plant also depend on your professor level. When you reach professor level A, you will be able to plant 5 sets of seeds at a time. Adding more seeds give a higher quantity of crops, while seeds of the same kind give greater quality.

Cultivate the Seeds

Cultivation options.jpg
You can choose to spend money on cultivations to increase the yield of your planted seeds. The higher your professor level, the better cultivation options are available to increase your yield quantity and quality. You will also be able to see the predicated yield level, which dictates the quality of your crops,

Cultivation Options
Infuse with Magic (Free)
Pour Airmid Water (300 G)
Prune (500 G)
Scatter Bonemeal (1,000 G)
Use Caledonian Soil (1,500 G)
Use Pegasus Blessings (2,000 G)

Harvest the Crops

Harvest crops.jpg
You can harvest your crops the next week, or the next Exploration day, and not the next month. So if you explored each week of the month and planted each time, you would be able to harvest 3 times.

Depending on your selected seeds and cultivation, you may get more seeds, flowers that you can give as gifts, and produce such as fruits and veggies that you can use to cook, or can boost your stats.

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