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This is a list of chapters in Part 2: Azure Moon (Blue Lion Route) from Fire Emblem: Three Houses (FETH, FE3H). Check out the links below to find out the best way to tackle each chapter!

Azure Moon - List of Chapters

Chapter 13 Reunion at Dawn
Chapter 14 The Delusional Prince
Chapter 15 Valley of Torment
Chapter 16 The Rose-Colored River
Chapter 17 The Blood of the Eagle and Lion
Chapter 18 The King's Triumphant Return
Chapter 19 The Golden Deer's Plea
Chapter 20 The Impregnable Fortress
Chapter 21 Our Chosen Paths
Chapter 22 Oath of the Dagger

Azure Moon Battle Walkthroughs

Part 2 - Azure Moon Battle Walkthroughs

Blue Lion Route Story Summary

Chapter 13: Reunion at Dawn

Reunion at Dawn.jpg
You awaken and find the world changed. It has been five years since the battle of Garreg Mach and you're told Garreg Mach is abandoned. You go there to find Dimitri, changed for the worse by the war, waiting there haunted by his demons. You then accompany him to clear Garreg Mach as old friends arrive to help.
Chapter 13: Reunion at Dawn (Blue Lions) Walkthrough

Chapter 14: The Delusional Prince

The Delusional Prince.jpg
You learn Dimitri is so much different from his past self. However, with the Crown Prince alive, Faerghus lives on and you decide to make Garreg Mach your base of operations. However, the Imperial Army does not stand by and simply let you take it.
Chapter 14: The Delusional Prince (Blue Lions) Walkthrough

Chapter 15: Valley of Torment

Valley of Torment.jpg
After warding off the second attack of Garreg Mach, your war council convenes and decides they need reinforcements. Rodrigue, lord of House Fraldarius and known as the Shield of Faerghus, offers to reinforce your army with troops at Aillel. However, untrustworthy soldiers in the army ensure that the Empire catches wind of this, and makes it hard to get those much needed reinforcements.
Chapter 15: Valley of Torment (Blue Lions) Walkthrough

Chapter 16: Rose-Colored River

Rose-Colored River.jpg
After getting reinforcements, Dimitri decrees that the army will march directly towards the Empire. The first step is to take the Great Bridge of Myrddin in Imperial-controlled Alliance territory. Securing it will open up the path into the Empire, so your army readies itself to capture the bridge.
Chapter 16: The Rose-Colored River (Blue Lions) Walkthrough

Chapter 17: Blood of the Eagle and Lion

Blood of the Eagle and Lion (Blue Lions)
With the path open, the Kingdom army marches on towards the Empire. To meet them in the field of battle, the Imperial army attempts to intercept them at Gronder Field. Additionally, the Alliance forces have rallied up, and have decided meet the two armies in Gronder as well. History repeats as they play the battle from five years ago, on a grander scale with much higher stakes.
Chapter 17: Blood of the Eagle and Lion (Blue Lions) Walkthrough

Chapter 18: The King's Triumphant Return

When Rodrigue gave his life to save Dimitri's after the battle at Gronder, it opened his eyes. He snapped out of his bloodlust for revenge and decided to actually be the king he needed to be. The army now heads to Fhirdiad, the Kingdom capital, with Dimitri at its head to lead the liberation of his people from the oppressive Imperial puppet regime.
Chapter 18: The King's Triumphant Return (Blue Lions) Walkthrough

Chapter 19: The Golden Deer's Plea

Golden Deer
With Fhirdiad securely back in Kingdom hands, Dimitri gets a message not so long after the battle. It is Claude, pleading for help and asking them to assist him in the defense of the Alliance capital of Derdriu. Despite just coming from a battle, the noble Dimitri and the Blue Lions march for battle once more.
Chapter 19: The Golden Deer's Plea (Blue Lions) Walkthrough

Chapter 20: The Impregnable Fortress

The Impregnable Fortress
With Alliance lords now swearing fealty to Dimitri, the Kingdom army resumes its march into Empire territory. To get to Enbarr they must take Fort Merceus, a renowned stronghold.
Chapter 20: The Impregnable Fortress (Blue Lions) Walkthrough

Chapter 21: Our Chosen Paths

Our Chosen Paths
Finally, the Kingdom army arrives at the gates of Enbarr, the Imperial capital. Dimitri and his army besiege the city and storm it in an attempt to get into the Imperial Palace.
Chapter 21: Assault on Enbarr (Blue Lions) Walkthrough

Chapter 22: Oath of the Dagger

Oath of the Dagger
At long last, the Kingdom army is at the doorstep of the Imperial Palace. In a last ditch effort, Edelgard undergoes a monstrous process, and it lies on Dimitri and the Blue Lions to end the war with this one decisive blow.
Chapter 22: Oath of the Dagger (Blue Lions) Walkthrough

Blue Lions Characters

Dimitri IconDimitri Dedue IconDedue Felix IconFelix Ashe IconAshe
Sylvain IconSylvain Mercedes IconMercedes Annette IconAnnette Ingrid IconIngrid

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