List of Character Birthdays | Fire Emblem: Three Houses (FE3H)

This is a birthday list of the characters in Fire Emblem: Three Houses (FE3H) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn how birthdays affect the game and what you can do on a character's special day.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Birthday List

Three Houses

Name Birthday Faction
Jeritza 3/4 Lone Moon Adrestrian Empire
Edelgard 6/22 Garland Moon Adrestrian Empire
Hubert 4/17 Great Tree Moon Adrestrian Empire
Ferdinand 4/30 Great Tree Moon Adrestrian Empire
Linhardt 6/22 Garland Moon Adrestrian Empire
Caspar 7/1 Blue Sea Moon Adrestrian Empire
Bernadetta 11/12 Red Wolf Adrestrian Empire
Dorothea 9/29 Horsebow Moon Adrestrian Empire
Petra 9/7 Horsebow Moon Adrestrian Empire
Dimitri 12/20 Ethereal Moon Holy Kingdom of Faerghus
Dedue 8/31 Verdant Rain Moon Holy Kingdom of Faerghus
Felix 2/20 Pegasus Moon Holy Kingdom of Faerghus
Ashe 10/17 Wyvern Moon Holy Kingdom of Faerghus
Sylvain 6/5 Garland Moon Holy Kingdom of Faerghus
Mercedes 5/27 Harpstring Moon Holy Kingdom of Faerghus
Annette 5/9 Harpstring Moon Holy Kingdom of Faerghus
Ingrid 1/4 Guardian Moon Holy Kingdom of Faerghus
Claude 7/24 Blue Sea Moon Leicester Alliance
Lorenz 6/13 Garland Moon Leicester Alliance
Raphael 5/18 Harpstring Moon Leicester Alliance
Ignatz 3/14 Lone Moon Leicester Alliance
Lysithea 2/28 Pegasus Moon Leicester Alliance
Marianne 12/20 Ethereal Moon Leicester Alliance
Hilda 2/3 Pegasus Moon Leicester Alliance
Leonie 8/21 Verdant Rain Moon Leicester Alliance

Church of Seiros

Name Birthday Faction
Anna 6/9 Garland Moon Church of Seiros
Flayn 7/12 Blue Sea Moon Church of Seiros
Manuela 8/3 Verdant Rain Moon Church of Seiros
Cyril 3/4 Lone Moon Church of Seiros
Hanneman 2/8 Pegasus Moon Church of Seiros
Catherine 9/15 Horsebow Moon Church of Seiros
Shamir 3/27 Lone Moon Church of Seiros
Alois 12/1 Ethereal Moon Church of Seiros
Gilbert 1/26 Guardian Moon Church of Seiros
Seteth 12/27 Ethereal Moon Church of Seiros

Ashen Wolves

Name Birthday Faction
Hapi 1/15 Guardian Moon Underground Residents
Constance 3/20 Lone Moon Underground Residents
Balthus 7/9 Blue Sea Moon Underground Residents
Yuri 8/12 Verdant Rain Moon Underground Residents

What Can You Do on Birthdays

Give Them a Gift

Gift List.jpg

You can give a gift to the celebrant to raise their support level with you, and if they are in your house or army, raise their motivation for the next instructional day. Take note that each character has preferred gifts.

Gift Giving Guide

Have a Tea Party

FE3H Claude Tea Time Guide.jpg
You can also invite the celebrant to Tea Time, to increase bonds with you, as well as increase Charm if you both have a good time. During this time, you can get them their favorite tea, and give them gifts. We recommend choosing this option for more effects.

Tea Time Guide | Tea Parties

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Main Character

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Black Eagles Characters

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Caspar IconCaspar Bernadetta IconBernadetta Dorothea IconDorothea Petra IconPetra
Jeritza IconJeritza

Blue Lions Characters

Dimitri IconDimitri Dedue IconDedue Felix IconFelix Ashe IconAshe
Sylvain IconSylvain Mercedes IconMercedes Annette IconAnnette Ingrid IconIngrid

Golden Deers Characters

Claude IconClaude Lorenz IconLorenz Raphael IconRaphael Ignatz IconIgnatz
Lysithea IconLysithea Marianne IconMarianne Hilda IconHilda Leonie IconLeonie

Garreg Mach Characters

Flayn IconFlayn Manuela IconManuela Cyril IconCyril Hanneman IconHanneman
Catherine IconCatherine Shamir IconShamir Alois IconAlois Gilbert IconGilbert
Seteth IconSeteth Anna IconAnna

Ashen Wolves Characters

Yuri IconYuri Balthus IconBalthus Constance IconConstance Hapi IconHapi

Birthday List

List of Character Birthdays

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