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This is a guide to Abyss, the newest location available to explore in Fire Emblem: Three Houses (FE3H) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn how to unlock Abyss, as well as the list of facilities and activities available for you to use and do in your exploration during Free Time.

How to Unlock Abyss

Purchase the Expansion Pass

FE3H Expansion Pass.png
Abyss is the newest location introduced in the Cindered Shadows side story, included in the 4th wave of DLC available through the Expansion Pass. It is purchasable through the Nintendo eShop for $24.99 .

Is The Expansion Pass (DLC) Worth It?

Complete Chapter 1 of Cindered Shadows

To be able to unlock and access Abyss in the main game, simply complete Chapter 1 of the Cindered Shadows side story, and it will be unlocked for you to explore in the main game, regardless of your progress.

How to Go to Abyss

Talk to the Shifty Merchant

Go to Abyss.jpg
You can find the Shifty Merchant just outside your Personal Quarters to gain access to Abyss.

Use Fast Travel

You can also open the map with R, and select Abyss from the locations to go there.

How to Go Back to the Monastery from Abyss

Return to the Monastery.jpg
If you want to resurface back to the Monastery, you can go to the Entrance next to the Shadow Library, or you can simply press R to open the Map and select "Entrance" to immediately go back to the Monastery.

Activities - What to Do in Abyss

Recruit the Ashen Wolves

Yuri joins your house.jpg
The first thing you should do when you get to Abyss is to recruit the Ashen Wolves. If you have finished the Cindered Shadows side story, you should be able to recruit the 4 members by simply talking to them.

How to Recruit the Ashen Wolves

Complete Quests

Roster Retrieval.jpg
After finishing the side story and recruiting the Ashen Wolves students, take the time to finish the newly added quests. These will unlock more features as you complete them.

Help Abyss Thrive

Influencer info.jpg
Abyss is a sanctuary for people who are lost and helpless. You can give a hand by spending Renown through the influencer to upgrade areas in Abyss. When you do so, you will unlock more quests, features, and abilities. For more information on Abyss upgrades, please read the next section.

Abyss Facilities and Upgrades Guide

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Influencer Pagan Altar Scrap Heap
Mysterious Teacher Wayseer Shadow Library

Exchange Renown Points With the Influencer

Similar to Saint Statues, you can spend your Renown to help Abyss thrive.

For each upgrade, you will be able to unlock more quests and abilities. With the 10,0000 Renown you got as a reward for finishing the side story, why not give back by helping Abyss?

Upgrade and Cost Features Unlocked
Inspire Worship
Offer Renown (Pagan Altar) - Exchange Renown for weapons and items
Encourage Recycling
Scrap Heap (Scrap Heap Room) - Pick up broken weapons once a month.
Reduce Inn Prices
Mysterious Teacher (Wilting Rose Inn) - View your units' growth in stats with repsect to their classes
Summon the Wayseer
Wayseer (Wayseer's Room) - Exchange Renown to increase support levels between allies
Organize the Shadow Library
Shadow Library - Read excerpts on secrets surrounding the Church and the goddess

Visit the Pagan Altar

Trade Materials for Renown

Offer Item at the Pagan Altar.jpg
This feature is already available when you get to Abyss.You can select Materials from your Storehouse to offer to the altar in exchange for Renown.

Offer Renown to Obtain Weapons and Items

Offer Renown for Weapon.jpg
To unlock this, you need to exchange 500 pts Renown with the influencer to inspire worship.

Collect Weapons in the Scrap Heap Room

Scrap Heap.jpg
To unlock this, you need to exchange 500 pts Renown with the influence to encourage recycling.

You can find broken weapons in this room once a month. The more you upgrade Abyss from the influencer, the more people will come, and the more items you will be able to pick up.

View Unit Ratings from the Mysterious Teacher

Mysterious Teacher Ranking.jpg
To unlock this, you need to exchange 1,500 pts Renown with the influence to reduce inn prices, as well as finish the quest, Learning to Teach.

You can talk to the Mysterious Teacher at Wilting Rose Inn to view how your units have grown in terms of stats concerning their classes. With this, you can see if you are heading in the right direction with training and unit classes.

Visit the Wayseer

This feature is only available when you reach Chapter 13 in the main story. To unlock this, you need to exchange 4,000 pts Renown with the influencer to organize the Shadow Library, as well as finish the quest, Divining Destinies.

You can exchange Renown with the wayseer to learn about the bonds between your allies. You can use this to greatly increase support levels between 2 characters, and improve their relationships. You can also use this to secure the perfect romance between 2 characters.

  • Strengthen Bond - Spend 500pts to deepen the bond between 2 characters
  • Connect Fates - Spend 10,000pts to intertwine and seal the deal between 2 characters

Find Secrets at the Shadow Library

Shadow Library.jpg
This feature is only available when you reach Chapter 13 in the main story. To unlock this, you need to exchange 6,000 pts Renown at the Pagan Altar to summon the , as well as finish the quest, Banned Books.

Like the library at the Monastery, you can read excerpts that contain secrets that revolve around the Church and the goddess.

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