Dimitri Tea Time Guide: Conversation Topics and Best Teas | Fire Emblem: Three Houses (FE3H)

Dimitri Tea Time Guide
This is a guide for Dimitri's Tea Time in Fire Emblem Three Houses (FE3H). Read on to know what is Dimitri's favorite tea, liked topics, and which replies to choose for Dimitri's conversation topics.

Dimitri's Favorite Teas

Dimitri's Favorite Teas
Leicester Cortania Hresvelg Blend Chamomile

Dimitri's Liked Topics

Potential Topics
A new gambit A place you’d like to visit A strong battalion A word of advice Children at the market
Close calls Equipment upkeep Evaluating allies Exploring the monastery Fodlan's future
I'm counting on you Mighty Weapons Monastery rules Monastery security Our first meeting
Overcoming weaknesses Past laughs Potential training partners Reliable allies School days
Someone you look up to Sturdy weapons Tell me about yourself Thanks for everything The ideal professor
The last battle The library's collection The view from the bridge Things that bother you Working hours for guards
Working together You seem well You're doing great work Your ambitions

Replies to Dimitri's Conversation

Choosing 3 topics your tea time partner likes (or 2 while choosing their favorite tea) will make them initiate a conversation. The list below shows the replies you should select for Dimitri's conversations.

I cannot tell you how long it has been since I indulged in a nice, relaxing conversation...
Sip Tea Laugh -
I apologize for troubling you. I am grateful for your support.
Nod Blush -
Please join me for training when you have the time. There is much I could learn from you.
Nod Blush -
I do my training, and then care for my swords and spears…and then the day is over before I know it.
Laugh Nod -
Perhaps because of my strength, I have always been rather clumsy. I always end up breaking things that are precious…
Chat Praise -
When I feel down, I go out for a long ride on my own. There is no place more relaxing than a trusted steed’s back.
Nod - -
You really helped me. More than I can say. If it weren’t for you, I do not know where I would be now…
Praise Disagree Blush
These last five years, I have been many places, and I have seen many things.
Chat - -
I would invite you to my quarters next, but I fear my space is so bare it is almost laughable.
Laugh Praise -

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