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Choosing a Tea
This is a guide to Tea Time in Fire Emblem Three Houses (FE3H). Here we will answer questions about Tea Time including the use of Observe, how to unlock tea time, and show you how to get a perfect tea time.

Tea Time Character Guides

Tea Time Character Guides
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What is Tea Time?

A Relaxing Chat Between You and a Unit

FE3H Tea Time
Tea Time allows Byleth to have a nice chat with a chosen character. During this period, you can bring up topics of conversation your partner might like (or might not for that matter).

Participating in Tea Time allows you to bolster your relationship with that character. The more fun topics you start, the deeper the relationship boost goes. This in turn will help you reach C, B, A, as well as S supports with other characters.

How To Unlock Tea Time

Complete Ferdinand's Tea for Two

During Chapter 4, Ferdinand can give a quest called Tea for Two. It involves returning a tea set to someone that might “appreciate it”. After accepting the quest and the elegant tea set, head over to Lorenz's area and gift him the item. Doing so will complete the quest and allow Byleth to initiate tea time with his/her students and other select few individuals.

How Does Tea Time Work?

Start to Choose a Tea

Choosing a Tea
At the beginning of tea time, you will be prompted to choose a tea. Choosing a tea your partner doesn't have a particular likeness to won't affect the tea time in a bad way, but choosing a tea they like is the same as choosing a topic they like for free!

For more information about getting more types of tea to choose from, see our guide on where to get tea.

Where to Get Tea

Choosing a Topic

FE3H Choosing a Topic
Once you have selected a tea, it's time to initiate the actual tea time itself. You will be prompted to choose a single topic from 3 different topics. There is a timer when choosing a topic or reply as shown on the upper right corner of the screen. Exhausting this timer will cause one topic slot to become a bad topic (the same as choosing a bad topic).

If you manage to give 3 interesting topics (or 2 while choosing their favorite tea). You will go to the third phase of tea time which is:

Replying to Conversations

Choosing A Reply
Successfully entertaining your tea time partner with topics they like will cause them to initiate a conversation with you. You will reply to their topic with a reaction of your own. Answering with the best response will result in a perfect tea time and gain more support from that character.

Tea Time Results

Nice, Great, and Perfect

There are three results available for tea time: Nice, Great, and Perfect.

Nice Tea Time

FE3H Nice Tea Time
Nice Tea Time can be obtained by giving two topics your partner likes during the 2nd phase of tea time. Achieving a Nice Tea Time will not allow you to answer their conversation reply, nor Observe them (more on this below). You will still gain support from them though.

Great Tea Time

FE3H Great Tea Time
A Great Tea Time can be obtained by answering three topics (or two while giving their favorite tea). Once you answer three topics, you will obtain a great tea time if you fail to answer their conversation topic properly.

Note that obtaining a great tea time has a small amount of chance of increasing Byleth and your tea time partner's charm by 1.

Perfect Tea Time

Perfect Tea Time
This might be obvious at this point of the guide, but to obtain a Perfect Tea Time, you need to give 3 topics your partner likes and also answer their conversation topic with a reply they like (or you can be wrong once and have it be compensated by choosing their favorite tea). Achieving a Perfect tea time allows you to Observe your partner before ending the event.

Similar to Great Tea Time, you and your partner also have a high chance of improving your charm stat by 1 after the tea time ends by achieving a perfect tea time.

What is Observe?

Checks your Partner's Look

FE3H Nuclear Weapon Observe
Observe allows you to ogle at your attractive tea time partner look at your partner's looks and reactions. During this time, prompts can appear that can change their reaction (joking will make them smile etc.). Observe doesn't offer any bonuses to support and is best used for taking screenshots or other stuff. It is essentially a short fan service for fans of FE3H characters.

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