What is Renown? | Fire Emblem: Three Houses (FE3H)

This is a guide to Renown in Fire Emblem: Three Houses (FE3H). Read on to find out how to get Renown in FE3H, what to do with it, and its uses in New Game+!

What is Renown?

Renown is a resource obtained by completing quests and certain battles. It can be spent to improve experience gain during a campaign, but it is mostly used to unlock various items and previous levels in New Game+.

How To Get Renown

Monastery Quests and Paralogues

FE3H Explore Quests.jpg
The quests you accept around the monastery usually have various materials as a reward, alongside an increase of renown. Whether it be quests done in the monastery, or battle quests accepted in the monastery, as long as it comes from a quest giver you're likely going to get renown from it as well.

Paralogues also reward you with renown upon completion, similar to a monastery quest. Check out our full guide on paralogues down below if you're looking for the best way to beat them!

Regular Battles

You also gain renown from doing regular battles, as long as they cost battle points to undertake. Those endless battles that you can undertake in Normal Difficulty do not give you renown, as they do not cost battle points.

Byleth becoming MVP

In every battle, an MVP is chosen from one of your units, determined by whoever defeated the most enemies. If it is one of your students, their motivation will rise. On the other hand, if your character was the MVP of the battle, you gain renown.

What Does Renown Do?

Restoring the Saint Statues

Upon completing Flayn's side quest Tending to the Saints in Chapter 5: Tower of Black Winds, you can begin talking with the Saint Statue Artisan in the Cathedral. Here, you can spend renown to restore the four saint statues, with each level of restoration giving you a bonus that applies to your whole house throughout the campaign!

Each saint gives different bonuses, and the renown cost stacks, so it will only cost a total of 10,000 renown to fully restore each statue. These bonuses carry over to New Game+ automatically, so it's ideal to spend all of your renown here!

Statue of Saint Cichol

Statue Bonus Renown Cost
Axe +1 200
Authority +1 500
Experience +5% 1000
Flying +2 2000
Divine Pulse charge +1 3000
Axe +2 4000
Authority +2 5000
Experience +10% 7500
Strength and Speed cap +5 10000

Statue of Saint Cethleann

Statue Bonus Renown Cost
Lance +1 200
Faith +1 500
Experience +5% 1000
Class Mastery gain +1 2000
Divine Pulse charge +1 3000
Lance +2 4000
Faith +2 5000
Experience +10% 7500
Luck and Charm cap +5 10000

Statue of Saint Indech

Statue Bonus Renown Cost
Bow +1 200
Fighting +1 500
Experience +5% 1000
Heavy Armor +2 2000
Divine Pulse charge +1 3000
Bow +2 4000
Brawling +2 5000
Experience +10% 7500
Defence and Resistance cap +5 10000

Statue of Saint Macuil

Statue Bonus Renown Cost
Sword +1 200
Reason +1 500
Experience +5% 1000
Riding +2 2000
Divine Pulse charge +1 3000
Sword +2 4000
Reason +2 5000
Experience +10% 7500
Magic and Dexterity cap +5 10000

New Game Plus

Upon completing a path, you unlock the option to play a New Game+ from the game you just finished. New Game+ comes with a plethora of bonuses, and one of the biggest ones is being able to quickly regain your progress and unique items through spending renown points. You can access this option by interacting with the journal in your room during exploration.

Professor Level

FE3H Professor Level New Game+
You can spend renown to regain professor levels. You can only regain up to the max professor level you had previous game. Having this early allows you to maximize the usage of facilities in early game.

Support Level

FE3H Support Level New Game+
You can spend renown to regain your character's support level with other characters. This applies to everyone in Garreg Mach, meaning you can upgrade your support rank with students from different houses.

Note that you can only regain up to the support level you had with them in your previous game, and there is no way to be able to use renown to increase one character's support level with another. This is useful, especially if they're from a different house than the one you're currently playing as and you want to recruit them.

Skill Level

FE3H Skill Level New Game+

You can spend renown to level up any character's skill level up to the level they had in the previous game. This is useful particularly for multiclassing units in new games. Ever wanted to have your Felix to be a Mortal Savant, but only focused on his sword skill last game? Increase his sword skill and focus on increasing his reason!

Class Mastery

FE3H Class Mastery New Game+
If one of your units mastered a class in a previous game, you can spend renown to let them regain that mastery, along with the corresponding skills. Do note, however, that this does not unlock this class for use. It only means they are max level at the class whenever they get around to equipping it.

Crest Items

You can get items unique to New Game+ at the cost of renown. These include Crest Items, which give whoever equips it the corresponding crest.

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