Best Use of Free Time | Fire Emblem: Three Houses (FE3H)

This is a guide to the best way to spend free time in Fire Emblem: Three Houses (FE3H). If you want to know how to use free time most efficiently, and which options you should prioritize, as well as how to use activity points, we've got you covered.

Best Use of Free Time

There are four options you can choose to spend free time: Explore, Battle, Seminar and Rest. You can learn all about each of them in-depth in our Free Time Guide, but this guide is to explain which of these options is the best to select.

In spending free time, Explore is the best option, followed by Battle, then Seminar, then Rest. Read below to find out our reasoning and the conditions that help you choose which one to pick.

1. Explore

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Exploration is hands down the best way to spend free time, especially when you have a lot of activity points. You can do a plethora of things to increase the motivations of your students to full bar, like sharing meals, or going to choir practice. Additionally, you can do faculty training to improve yourself in certain aspects.

If you do not have a high professor level, it is still worth doing for the free actions, like giving gifts, fishing and using the greenhouse, as they do not cost any points. Additionally, investing time in exploration to do activities that raise your professor level is much more worth it in the long run.

At the start, alternate the free days between exploring and battles, giving priority to battles on days where there are monster sightings.

Once your characters' levels are high level enough, use free days to Explore when you have free days without any Rare Monster Sightings or pending Paralogues. If you have two battle points, you can simply do the Paralogues and Rare Monster SIghtings in one day.

2. Battle

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Battle is important because it is how you level up your students. Early on, before the presence of Rare Monster sightings, try to do battles every other free day to ensure your students do not get underleveled. Prioritize Rare Monster SIghtings and Paralogues.

Rare Monster Sightings have enemies that are higher level than normal battles, meaning more experience for your units. Additionally, there are always rare monsters that you can get loot from by destroying all of their armor.

Monster Guide | How to Beat Demonic Beasts

Paralogues are important because they often give Hero's Relics, and if not, they give other rewards like a unit's special battalion.


3. Seminar

Seminar is only useful in a meta sense, on days where you are too lazy to going through all the actions of exploring, but you do not want to have a day where nobody improves. If possible, do not use this option, unless your units are already overleveled and you have the max professor level.

Are Seminars Worth It?

No. They only target a select few units, and they target what these units are already interested in. While it does give 50 motivation to each student, you're much better off choosing to Explore and maxing out their motivation for the next instruction session. This will allow you to choose what they improve on, and it allows you to build up on professor level, which is very important.

4. Rest

Resting is only useful if you use the Sword of the Creator, as it is the only way to replenish its uses. The +50 to motivation is not enough to mitigate the loss of gains from choosing to Explore instead.

Is Resting Worth It?

Not unless you use the Sword of the Creator. The increase of motivation can be done through Exploration, which also increases your professor level. Increasing your Professor Level, as stated before, gives you very good returns, and is much more worth it in the long run.

Professor Level Guide | How to Raise Professor Level

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