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This tier list will show who are the best units in Fire Emblem Three Houses (FE3H). Here we will rank each character and list their advantages and disadvantages over other units.

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Unit Tier List

This tier list groups all characters and ranks them all, with S being the highest and C being the lowest.

S Tier Characters

Byleth (Female) IconByleth (Female) Byleth has great stats, and Byleth's passive allows him/her to give more EXP to other units. Especially useful on Maddening.
Dimitri IconDimitri Dimitri stands stronger than the other units due to his combat art that is effective against all units. This allows him to kill any enemy with ease.
Claude IconClaude Claude is the only flying class that excels in the bow, making a hit and run tactic with him work extremely well.
Edelgard IconEdelgard High Charm stat partenered with a good authority level allows her to demolish grouped enemies without difficulty.
Lysithea IconLysithea The best mage out of all the options you have. The ability to one-shot any enemy in the game makes us put her in the S tier list.

A Tier Characters

Felix IconFelix Insane speed and strength, a relic that makes him extremely tanky together with his evasion, and a budding talent that allows him to one-shot enemy tanks if reclassed to a mortal savant.
Dedue IconDedue High Defense Stat which can even be further buffed by his passive. Dedue is one of the tankiest units in the game, and can finish many battles totally unharmed.
Hubert IconHubert Hubert is a good contender for the best magic user in the game. His stats is almost on par with Lysithea, and they both learn Dark Magic skills, but his exclusivity to the BE route makes his tier lower than hers.
Petra IconPetra High dodge stat and a decent stat line to go with it. Her passive and dexterity gives her an insane critical rate, allowing her to kill her targets rather easily.
Sylvain IconSylvain Early access to his relic, as well as being the easiest unit to recruit in the game allows Sylvain to make his way to the A tier. He also learns Swift Strikes, which makes him a really good unit.
Ferdinand IconFerdinand Easily compared to Sylvain. He loses the relic benefit, but he makes his survivability extremely high with his passive and high defense stat. He also learns Swift Strikes like Sylvain.
Annette IconAnnette With a high stat in magic, Annette is made to be a magic user. Her crest ability also allows her to take up less uses when casting magic. What made her a high tier unit though, is her early rally skills which makes her a good rally bot in maddening.
Hilda IconHilda Hilda has an extremely high strength stat. Together with her axes, she deals massive damage to anyone she lays her hands on.
Mercedes IconMercedes Mercedes recieves the A tier and as the best healer due to her fortify spell and passive ability. Mercedes allows your party to focus on offense while she handles the healing without having another healer support her.
Seteth IconSeteth Flying class with a good authority and axe skills. He also learns Swift Strikes, making him an excellent unit.
Shamir IconShamir One of the best bow users in the game. Also gains an early access to the Sniper Class.

B Tier Characters

Catherine IconCatherine Not a bad unit and is often contended for higher tiers. She suffers from low speed, and her strengths are simply weaker than other units that specialize in swords too.
Linhardt IconLinhardt Linhardt is a good healer, but his true strength is in the utility he provides for his team with the warp spell. He lacks the fortify spell, which puts him in the B tier.
Marianne IconMarianne A healer that is geared for offense. Marianne has strong single heal, but suffers the same issue with Linhardt. She is a good candidate for the Holy Knight class, but if you're looking for a true healer, then there are better options.
Raphael IconRaphael A bulky strong unit that regeneratesHP. He is a tank, but he takes more damage than a certain Duscurr knight. He needs to be built really defensively to make him a better unit, but other units can tank without doing so. This puts him in the B tier.
Ashe IconAshe A seemingly useless passive coupled with a seemingly low strength growth. Don't let this decieve you, as Ashe has insane Luck and Dexterity growth, allowing him to land critical strikes in the late game nearly every attack he makes.
Flayn IconFlayn A great healer hands down. She suffers from low durability, so having her in the team makes her the weak link in terms of formation. A great unit but needs to be handled with extreme care.
Leonie IconLeonie Insane speed growth together with a combat art that grows stronger with speed. Unfortunately, this is only a reality in the late stages of the game and by then, Leonie is underwhelming. We put her in the B tier for her late game potential.
Gilbert IconGilbert He fills the role of the tank while a certain Duscur Knight takes his temporary (or permanent) absence in the Blue Lions route. Him being exclusive to the Blue Lions but still being a good unit puts him in the B tier.
Dorothea IconDorothea A good magic user that gains the meteor spell. Her passive ability also makes her a good support unit for other healers that lack the ability to heal themselves.

C Tier Characters

Ignatz IconIgnatz Has a budding talent that weakens enemies, but has a class path that doesn't have any use for that specific skill. Ignatz is a weird unit and this makes us put him in the C tier.
Ingrid IconIngrid Low damage puts her in the C tier. She can be reclassed to other strength based class to fix this issue, but without doing so, she easily becomes a weak character.
Bernadetta IconBernadetta A squishy unit that can only use her ability when damaged. Playing her requires you to have her damaged, which is necessary due to her non-existent damage if her passive is not triggered. This puts her in the C tier.
Caspar IconCaspar No crest, and a lower strength stat than other front line classes. This puts Caspar in the C tier.
Cyril IconCyril Has a passive that allows him to gain more stat than the others. While most units would rejoice, this passive seems to be almost non-existent, since he gains the same amount of stats than other units. A unit with no useful passive ability puts him in the C tier.
Hanneman IconHanneman Hanneman gains access to the Meteor spell. He suffers from low speed, so making him go forward and use other spells often won't work out too well.
Manuela IconManuela A healer that gains access to utility based magic. Aside from utility though, she offers nothing else.
Lorenz IconLorenz Has a relic that is suitable for a different unit with a statline that makes him subpar in both his role specialty. This put Lorenz in the C tier.
Alois IconAlois An annoying character coupled with a weak stat line puts him in the C tier.

Unit Tier List Criteria


We highly value units that can be recruited and be used in your playthrough no matter what house you play. We also highly valued units that can easily be recruited such as Sylvain.


Units that can do a general role better than the other units that have the same role will easily push them a tier higher and push the others lower. This is the case for units such as Catherine and Felix.

Stat Growth

Abilities are often looked at first in determining the strengths of a unit, but some units just have good stat growths that synergize with their playstyle. Units such as Ashe and Lysithea fit this category.

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