Best Use of Activity Points | Fire Emblem: Three Houses (FE3H)

This is a guide to the Best Use of Activity Points in Fire Emblem: Three Houses (FE3H). Find out how to best spend your activity points and the best activities to do while exploring the Monastery here!

Best Use of Activity Points

There are a variety of activities that you can do when exploring the monastery, and each of them has their own perks and benefits. However, some activities require Activity Points, which you are limited in. The amount of activity points you have during each exploration is limited, but it can be increased through raising your Professor Level.

Some activities are more useful than others, and here are our thoughts on what activities give the best returns for spending your precious activity point. From best to worst, this is our list for what activities are the best use of your activity points.

1. Cooking Together

FE3H Cooking Together
While cooking a meal improves your support level with just one character, it also gives a bonus that applies to all battles for that month, such as a bonus in luck or defense. This makes it well worth the activity point used, and the relatively rare materials. It is recommmended that you do this as soon as possible in the month to fully reap the benefits of the activity.

2. Choir Practice

FE3H Free Time - Choir Practice.jpg
Choir Practice is as good as sharing a meal because it builds the bond between you and two other students, but it also gives all of you a little bit of increased faith skill, and it gives your character increased authority skill. However, it can only be done once per exploration, unlike sharing a meal. If you had to choose between the two, pick this one. This will allow you to build a bond with students in order to recruit them, or raise the motivation of your own students for the next instruction day.

3. Sharing A Meal

FE3H Sharing A Meal.jpg
Sharing a meal improves your support level with two students, and increases their motivation. It's good to do because the next lecture day you can maximize tutoring them. Additionally, this can be done multiple times so it's a pretty good option.

4. Faculty Training/Advanced Drills

This training option allows you to increase a single skill at the cost of one activity point. Not really a great trade-off, unless you're intending to specialize your character in Heavy Armor, Flying or Cavalry, because this is the only way to be able to get enough points to where you can equip one of the starter classes of those skills.

5. Training Tournament

This is pretty low in the ranking for the sole reason that the returns are not guaranteed. It gives you a bit of money for participating, and a few hundred if you win, and the prize per month varies. It's worth doing once if you have the spare points, but only if you have spare points. More often than not, you can buy the prize as well, so it's not really the only option to get it.

6. Tea Time

FE3H Tea Time.jpg
Similar to the Training Tournament, it's completely possible to botch this and not get anything out of it, hence the low ranking. Also, at best it can build your support as much as their favorite gift or lost item, and at worst you waste a tea item and an activity point. You'd be better off inviting them for a meal and doing this only if you have points to throw away.

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