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Best Classes for Each Character

This is a guide to which class is best for each character in Fire Emblem Three Houses (FE3H). We listed down all the characters and the best possible classes for them and explain the advantages and disadvantages of doing so.

Best Class for Byleth

Byleth as the Enlightened One

Byleth Byleth (Female)

This Enlightened One class is exclusive for Byleth and automatically unlocks it for them. This is the best choice for our main character as a sword user. The ability Sacred Power also boosts their and their allies attacks while reducing damage. This also allows you to use magic, and we recommend getting at least healing spells.

This class is made for Byleth so we believe this is the best class for them.

Best Classes for Black Eagle Students

Edelgard as an Empress


Every House Leader has a unique class associated to them. Turning Edelgard into a Lord to increase her authority skills, then turning her to an Empress makes her have high stats overall. Partnering it with her high charm stat and authority stat and she can mow down groups of enemies alone with a single gambit usage.

Hubert as a Dark Knight


Hubert has access to high dark magic. Giving him the extra mobility by being a dark knight allows him to easily pick off enemies one by one.

Ferdinand as a Paladin/Great Knight


Ferdinand's strength lies in his above average stats. This is also coupled with a high charm stat, so giving him a riding class such as the Paladin allows him to lay havoc using gambits and weave out of the fight rather easily.

Linhardt as a Bishop


Linhardt doesn't have a suitable master class for him. His passive also pushes him back to the rearmost side of your units to be able to utilize it (waiting at the back until a physic is needed for healing). Turning him to a Bishop increases the amount of white magic he can use and can allow you to use this strategy much more easily with Linhardt.

Caspar as a War Master


It is easily known in the game that Caspar both loves the gauntlets and axes alike, so him turning into a War Master is a no brainer. Caspar suffers from low movement, so giving him this class is a good way to utilize his damage output by making him be able to reach his targets easily.

Bernadetta as a Bow Knight


All units that excel in the bow can abuse the Bow Knight class, and Bernadetta is one of them. Giving her the Bow Knight class also allows you to position her in safer areas easily, as you'll want Bernadetta to stay damaged to fully utilize her passive ability.

Dorothea as a Gremory/Dancer


Dorothea is the main magic damage dealer of Black Eagles. She learns high damaging magic such as Meteor and Excalibur, making her a good Warlock / Gremory. Turning her into a Dancer is also a viable choice, as long as you have recruited a different unit to stand in as a magic damage dealer for your team.

Petra as an Assassin


Petra has a high speed and a natural affinity for swords and bows, making her a good Assassin. This also synergizes with her passive ability that increases her critical chance against enemies with low HP giving her the identity of an Assassin.

Best Classes for Blue Lion Students

Dimitri as a Great Lord


Dimitri's best class is the Great Lord. It really amps up his stats making him a powerhouse.

Dedue as a Fortress Knight


Dedue's real specialization is his extremely high defense stat. This is further augmented by the Fortress Knight's high defense. This set up allows him to block any physical damage dealer enemies at all stages of the game.

Felix as a Mortal Savant/Sword Master


This is a debatable one. Felix is a natural swordsman, he says so himself, so it is natural to turn him to a Swordmaster. However, he also has a budding talent in Reason, and once this is maxed out, he suddenly becomes proficient in the reason skill, and he even learns black magic crit + ability so turning him to a Mortal Savant allows him to lay waste to any unit on the map.

Ashe as a Bow Knight


Ashe has an extremely high luck and dexterity growth, so it is only natural that he will have high critical chances against enemies. Giving him a class that allows him to keep attacking like the Bow Knight allows him to defeat enemies no matter where they are. Give him a Killer Bow and his critical attack animation will start to look like a normal occurence to you.

Sylvain as a Great Knight


The Lancefair from the Great Knight greatly synergizes with his relic Lance of Ruin, so it is only natural to turn him to a Great Knight. Some people have preferred to turn him to a Wyvern Lord for ignoring terrain, but the damage lost losing the Lancefair ability makes him deal minimal to no damage when he's not using his relic. The Wyvern Lord is a good alternative if you don't plan to use his relic and make him learn axes instead.

Mercedes as a Gremory/Bishop


Mercedes is the ideal healer. She has good healing ability and also learns the fortify spell, so turning her to a Bishop will make your team never suffer death ever again.

Ingrid as a Falcon Knight


Falcon Knight is the best class for Ingrid, hands down. She has a natural affinity for flying and Lance skills. She also gets a lance relic making her a specialized flier and a lance user.

Annette as a Dark Knight/Warlock


Annette would to pretty well as a Warlock given that she has the affinity for Reason, and this could also be bumped up to Dark Knight. Alternatively, her affinity with axes would make her a possible Wyvern Master wielding a Bolt Axe and later, the Crusher.

Best Classes for Golden Deer Students

Claude as a Barbarossa


A flying class that uses the Bow for the houseleader that has the greatest prowess with the Bow. Turning Claude into a Barbarossa is the best choice among all the possible class choices.

Lorenz as a Dark Knight


Upgrading Lorenz's Lance skill is a good choice, but his true worth lies in his reason skill. Turning him to a mage class that can make use of his lance skill, such as a Dark Knight, is the best way to go for Lorenz.

Raphael as a War Master


Raphael has a good affinity with Gauntlets and Axes. His specialty is also in his high HP growth and Strength growth, and what's scarier than a big unit with a huge HP resevoir? (Answer: A big unit with tons of HP that has high damage.) Turning Raphael to a War Master makes this a reality.

Ignatz as an Assassin


Rembember that bookworm that looks like he never hurt a fly? He's an Assassin. Ignatz's talent tree really makes him a good assassin with expertise in swords and bows. He also has a budding talent in Reason, but its effect is about making enemies weaker and fits the assassin skill tree much more than a mage class.

Lysithea as a Dancer/Gremory


Lysithea is the best mage class in the game, so even thinking of other class promote her to is a bad idea. She learns dark magic instead of black magic, and also has an absurdly good magic stat, making all her abilities delete enemies in a single attack. She suffers from low movement, so turning her to a dancer to gain the + 2 Movement will allow her to abuse the Dancer class more than the other units.

Marianne as a Holy Knight/Dancer


Marianne is the main healer of Golden Deer, but her faith abilities are more focused on offense than defense. She also learns soulblade, which is a sword ability that gets its damage from her Res, so turning her to an offensive faith unit such as a Holy Knight is the best option for her.

She has a high magic and resist but the Holy Knight offers no benefits for sword skills. Turning her to a Dancer retains her supportive role while giving her some boost to her sword skills allowing her to go upfront and use Soul Blade on enemies.

Hilda as a Wyvern Lord


Absurd strength stat. That's what Hilda is, and turning her to a Wyvern Lord allows her to dive into the deepest ranks of the enemy lines and defeat any target with ease.

Leonie as a Bow Knight


Increased mobility on her is a good choice to maximze her passive. Make sure to position her near male units before attacking to utilize the bonus damage she gets. She also has a good dexterity growth, so giving her killer weapons will amp up her damage more.

Best Classes for Church of Seiros Members

Seteth as a Wyvern Lord


With an innate liking to flying and axes, Seteth is best suited to become a Wyvern Lord.

Flayn as a Dancer


Flayn is a good candidate to become a Dancer. Although, she suffers from not being able to use the sword ability, the additional turn she can grant to allies really gives her the identity of a support unit.

Hanneman as a Warlock


Hanneman is a good Warlock, no doubt. He has good magic stat, which allows him to fully utilize the potential of an offensive magic class user.

Manuela as a Bishop


She learns many protective faith abilities, so turning her to a Bishop is a good choice.

Gilbert as a Fortress Knight


Gilbert is pretty much a substitute for Dedue for those who cannot have him in their party. He has high defenses which synergizes with the Fortress Knight, and this gives you a good tank for your team.

Alois as a War Master


Alois has good defensive and offensive stats. This makes him a suitable frontliner that deals damage, so War Master is a good class for him.

Catherine as a Sword Master


Catherine is best played as a Sword Master. This synergizes with her relic Thunderbrand, and not assigning battalions to her would make her unnaturally tanky from the -5 damage reduction she gets.

Shamir as a Bow Knight


She excels in the lance and bow, so making her into a Bow Knight is an easy choice.

Cyril as a Wyvern Lord


Cyril has a natural affinity for axe and bow, but turning him to a Wyvern Lord works best. You can still equip him with bows as a Wyvern Lord, but their effectiveness gets reduced due to the class not offering bonus damage for bows.

Anna as an Assassin/Trickster (DLC)


Anna is good with sword and reason, so you can equip her to be an Assassin. Alternatively, you can also use the DLC class Trickster, as she also has high luck stat, boosted by her personal ability. You can even equip her with her special Tricky Merchant outfit for bonus aesthetic effects.

Best Classes for Ashen Wolves Students (DLC)

Yuri as a Trickster


Yuri is perfect as a Trickster because of its combat art, which is boosted by Fetters of Dromi, which adds to his movement range. He also excels in swords, so just equip him with a good weapon and he can come rushing in, but can still play safely.

Balthus as a War Master


You can stick to Balthus being a War Monk, as his original class in the side story. However, if you want to make use of his grappling combat skills and high strength stat, you can opt for War Master.

Constance as a Dark Flier


Constance works with Black Magic so she can equip the Abyssian Dark Flier class to make use of high flying stat as well. She is an easy target for snipers, so you can always put her at the back, and attack with Bolting, a powerful long-range magic.

Hapi as a Valkyrie/Dark Knight


Hapi works best as the Abyssian class Valkyrie, or you can opt for a Dark Knight class. Hapi has long-range dark magic spells, and you can abuse her Canto ability to pick on enemies and move to a safe destination.

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