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This is a guide to Professor Levels in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Read here to find out about what Professor Levels are in FE3H, what they unlock, and how to raise your professor level!

What is Professor Level?

The Professor Level is a new mechanic in Fire Emblem: Three Houses that runs separate deom your character's level in battle. Your Professor Level determines what items you can buy and forge, what culitvations you can do in the greenhouse, and how many activities you can do during Exploration. Professor Levels go from rank E to A, unlocking different options and giving you more points to do various activities per level.

Activity Points

Activity Points dictate how many activities you can you every time you explore the monastery. Each level increases the amount of activity points you have, up to ten. The more activity points you have, the more times you can do activities with the time marker.

Professor Rank Activity Points
E 1
E+ 2
D 3
D+ 4
C 5
C+ 6
B 7
B+ 8
A 9
A+ 10

Best Use of Activity Points

These are the activities that you can do that each cost one (1) activity point.

Share a Meal

FE3H Sharing A Meal.jpg
Sharing a meal with two other characters in the dining hall allows you to build a bond between the three of you. The first meal is always free, any meals after this cost ingredients from your own inventory. One meal takes up one (1) activity point, and you cannot eat with any character more than once even if you have extra activity points and ingredients for a meal.

Cooking Together

FE3H Cooking Together
Cooking a meal with a character in the dining hall increases their bond with you, and gives your house/army a bonus for the rest of the battles of the month depending on what meal you cooked. You can only cook once per Exploration.

Choir Practice

FE3H Free Time - Choir Practice.jpg
In the Cathedral, you can get two students to join in choir practice will you. This will strengthen their bond with you and each other, and increase their Faith and Authority points. This can only be done once per exploration.

Training Tournaments

Every month, there is a training tournament that you can enter students in by talking to the Tournament Organizer in the Training Field. In the Calendar, the type of tournament and the reward is listed at the bottom. If your student wins, you get the reward listed and some money, but if your student loses, you cannot retry the tournament until another exploration.

Faculty Training/Advanced Drills

Faculty Training, and later in Phase 2, Advanced Drills, allow you to improve one of your skills, similar to teaching your students at the start of the week. You can only do this with a character once but you can do it with multiple characters per Exploration.

Tea Time

FE3H Tea Time (1).jpg
Tea time allows you to play a dialogue minigame to increase your support with your units. Once you invite them, you pick a tea, and then there will be three rounds where you must choose one of three conversation topics the other would be interested in. You can get either a perfect tea time or a nice tea time, and they will increase your support with that character, as well as raise charm.

Battle Points

Every week, you have Battle Points, and most battles cost 1 point to participate in, except the free battles in Normal Difficulty. The higher your professor level is, the more battles you can participate in per week.

Professor Rank Battle Points
E to C 1
C+ to A 2
A+ 3


When you get to professor level C, you unlock the ability to assign Adjutants to any of your characters. They give specific bonuses depending on their equipped class and weapon, and they gain a reduced amount of experienced every time the unit they're linked to gains experience. The number you can set is determined by your professor rank.

Professor Rank Number of Adjutants
C/C+ 1
B/B+ 2
A/A+ 3

Tutoring Points

After weekends, you can choose how you will teach characters in your house/army for the week. It takes a tutoring point to teach one character, and the number of times they can be taught depends on their motivation.

Professor Rank Tutoring Points
E/E+ 3
D/D+ 4
C/C+ 5
B/B+ 6
A/A+ 7

Greenhouse Cultivation

You can plant seeds in the greenhouse during exploration, and harvest them the next time you explore. Additionally, you can spend money to cultivate your seeds so that they yield more when you harvest them. The number of seeds and cultivation options increase as you increase your professor level.

Professor Rank Number of Seeds Cultivation Options
E 1 Infuse With Magic
E+ 1 Pour Airmid Water
D 2 Prune
D+ 2 -
C 3 Scatter Bonemeal
C+ 3 -
B 4 Use Caledonian Soil
B+ 4 -
A 5 Spread Pegasus Blessings
A+ 5 -

Church Income

For Part 1, you get income from the Church at the start of every month. As your professor level rises, so does your income.

Professor Rank Monthly Income
E 1000
E+ 2000
D 3000
D+ 4000
C and upwards 5000

Forging Weapons

You can forge upgraded weapons from existing weapons in the blacksmith, at the cost of smithing materials. Certain upgrades cannot be made even if you have the required items due to professor level.

How To Raise Professor Level

To raise your professor level, you need to get professor experience, a separate experience bar from the one you have in combat. The first action you do will definitely level up your professor level into an E+, so unless you skip the Chapter 1 Free Time without spending your Activity Point, you essentially start the game with the rank of E+.

Professor Level Exp to Level Up
E 100
E+ 1400
D 2100
D+ 2800
C 4500
C+ 5400
B 7700
B+ 8800
A 11700

There are a variety of ways to increase professor experience.

Spending Activity Points

When doing activities such as sharing meals, cooking, attending choir practice, and entering practice tournaments, you gain professor experience as well. While this is a reliable way to gain professor experience points, you cannot grind them like this because of its limited nature.


FE3H Fishing.jpg
For every fish you catch, you gain a small amount of professor experience. Because this does not cost activity points, and you can choose to start it, it is one of the easiest ways to grind for professor experience, as long as you have bait.

Answering Student Questions Correctly

After setting your lecture for the week, students may come up to you and ask you questions for guidance. Aside from raising their motivation, choosing the correct answer will increase your professor experience.

Answering the Counselor Notes

The counselor in the Cathedral gets anonymous notes every now and again asking for advice. When answering notes, the writer's outline will appear but be blacked out, though it's more often than not easy enough to tell if you're familiar with the characters. If you choose the answer the anonymous figure likes, your relationship with that character and your professor experience will increase.

Finding Texts Around the Monastery

There will be items around the monastery during exploration that are texts that raise your professor level slightly rather than items. They are signified by a blue light and picked up like any other item.

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