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Things to Know Before Starting Witcher 3

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This page contains information on Things to Know Before Starting Witcher 3. Read on to learn every important thing and detail you need to know before starting the game.

Things to Know Before Starting Witcher 3

Prioritize Axii

Things to Know - Delusion.jpg
Prioritizing Axii and maxing out delusion is going to be the best investment you can do when starting the game. Delusion will give you more options when choosing dialogues and may change how the story will play out. This ability is extremely useful from the start to end of the story.

Better Saddlebags

Things to Know - Saddlebag.jpg
Weight will be a huge problem at the beginning of the game since you will be looting all the items you will come across to get more coins. Knowing where to get the best saddlebags at the beginning of the game will definitely make your life easier.

Win Every Gwent Match

Things to Know - Gwent.jpg
Winning Gwent match will usually reward you new cards which can be easily missed if you skip it and continue doing Main Story Quests.

Yennefer or Triss

Triss and Yennefer romance
Romancing Yennefer, Triss, or both of them greatly affects the outcome of the ending and how the story plays out. Learning who to romance and which quest triggers the romance can help you decide on how you would want the story to play out.

For a detailed explanation on which female to romance to get the best ending, check out our guide on Romance on the link below!
Romance Guide

Alchemy and Crafting

Things to Know - Alchemy.jpg
Always check the Alchemy and Crafting tab whenever you finish a quest or get a new diagram. You can enhance your potions, oils, decoctions, bombs, and equipments once you pick up the diagram for that specific item making them more effective and help you finish quests faster.

Multuple Save Data

Things to Know - Multiple Save.jpg
There are multiple endings in the game and choosing the best dialogue is crucial on how the story or the ending will go. Make sure that you have multiple save files to easily back track your dialogue decisions to change the outcome of the story.

How to Start the Expansions

Fresh Start or Old Safe File

New Game+ - Banner 2.jpg
You can create a new game or access an old save file of the base game once you purchased the DLCs. This way you can access the DLCs by playing through the story and unlocking them the normal way.

For more information on how to unlock the DLCs. You can check out our page on Blood & Wine and Hearts of Stone!

Hearts of Stone Walkthrough Blood & Wine Walkthrough

Hearts of Stone Only and Blood & Wine Only

Things to Know - Hearts of Stone.jpg
Hearts of Stone Only and Blood & Wine Only are the features added in the game with the new content. This feature allows you to start a whole new game at the beginning of the DLCs. This method instantly skips the story of the base game. However, your levels and euipments are automatically adjusted to be strong enough for the DLC content.

To learn more information on starting on the DLCs immediately. You can check out our guide on What is New Game+!
What is New Game+

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