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How to Level Up Fast

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This is a guide to leveling up in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. If you want to know how leveling up and XP work, as well as see the fastest methods for leveling up your character, read on.

How to Level Up Fast

You will need to increase your level to reach the required level cap before you can use stronger weapons and armors later in the game. In addition, leveling up unlocks better skills that increases your survivability and damage during combat. Below is a list of tips and techniques that can help you get the most XP to level up quickly.

Doing Quests

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Finishing Quests is your best option to quickly boost your level. You can receive huge amounts of XP after every quest you finish. Be sure to do Quests where the suggested level is close to your current level. The amount of XP you receive depends on your current level, and you will receive way less XP if you are doing Quests with much lower suggested levels.

Selecting Axii Dialogues

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Choosing the Axii Dialogues gives you the highest XP reward during conversations on quests. Always choose the Axii response, regardless of the outcome of the story, to maximize the XP that you will gain. To be able to use this skill more efficiently, we recommend investing your ability points into Delusion as soon as possible.

Meditation with Monsters

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This technique is can be extremely effective if you are still under leveled. You must first look for an enemy that automatically respawns after you meditate. Kill off the monster that you found, and wait till you receive the XP reward. After that, use Meditation for 1 hour, then kill the monster again. Keep on repeating this pattern until you level up. You can do this technique multiple times to gain a couple of levels early in the game. Keep in mind that this technique will give less and less XP as your level gets higher.

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