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What is Toxicity?

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This page contains information on What is Toxicity in the game The Witcher 3. Read on to learn more information on how to decrease toxicity and which abilities can affect toxicity.

What is Toxicity

Toxicity is the gauge that limits Geralt into drinking too much Potions and Decoctions to boost his attacks and defense or even heal up. Toxicity can be seen as the green bar below the stamina on the upper right corner of the screen. Keep in mind that High Toxicity levels can be harmful even if it is constantly going down. If you reach more than 75% of the bar, you will gradually lose your health until it goes back under 75%.

How to Decrease Toxicity

Toxicity will gradually decrease over time by 1 point every second. However, this can be improved by equipping Fast Metabolism to increase the Toxicity points reduced every second.

Another way to decrease your Toxicity is by going out of combat and meditating for 1 hour. Doing this will instantly clear up the toxicity you have and refill all the Potions and Decoctions you used. The normal limit for your toxicity is capped at 100 but you can easily go over 250 if you invest on the right abilities.

Abilities Related to Toxicity

You can also raise the Toxicity cap or change its effects by learning and equipping different abilities.

Delayed Recovery 1/3Delayed Recovery Branch: Alchemy
Potions effects will not wear off until Toxicity falls below 70%.
Side Effects 1/5Side Effects Branch: Alchemy
Using a potion gives 100% chance to use another random potion without additional Toxicity cost.
Fast Metabolism 1/5Fast Metabolism Branch: Alchemy
Toxicity drops 5 points every second.
Endure Pain 1/5Endure Pain Branch: Alchemy
Increase maximum Vitality by 50% at high Toxicity levels.
Acquired Tolerance 1/3Acquired Tolerance Branch: Alchemy
Every known alchemy formula increases maximum Toxicity.
Metabolic ControlMetabolic Control Branch: General
Increase maximum Toxicity by 30 points.
Metabolism BoostsMetabolism Boosts Branch: General
Reduce Toxicity cost by consuming Adrenaline Points if available.

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