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What are Mutations

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This page contains information on What are Mutations in the game The Witcher 3. Read on to learn more information on how to equip mutations and what are its effects.

What are Mutations

Mutation is a new feature added with the Blood & Wine DLC where you can experiment with Geralt to boost his witcher capabilities and gain additional skill slots which unlocks as your mutation level increases. The Mutation feature is only unlocked after finishing the quest called Turn and Face the Strange on the Blood & Wine DLC.

How to Use Mutations

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Once Mutations are unlocked, you can press the Triangle Button (X Button on Switch) inside the character tab to access the Mutations Menu where you can select the mutation you want to equip. Each Mutation has its own unique effect that can boost your combat capabilities. Be sure to select the mutation most suited for your playstyle to maximize its effect.

Keep in mind that all Mutations will display different branches on its description. These branches reflects on which skill you are allowed to equip on the newly added skill slots. Also, skills added to the new skill slots will not benefit from the mutagens you equip.

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