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Best Crossbow and Bolts

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This page contains information on Best Crossbows and Bolts in the game The Witcher 3. Read on to learn more information on which Crossbow has the best stats that you can equip in the game.

Best Crossbow and Bolts

Crossbow is an important tool for witchers because of its many uses in combat and quests. It is important to equip the right crossbow to maximize its use on different situations.

Best Crossbows

The best crossbow you can equip is either the Ursine Crossbow or the Feline Crossbow because of their 15% bonus experience from monsters. This can be extremely helpful when trying to level up more quickly. Sadly, Witcher crossbows have no Legendary versions in New Game+ and they cannot be upgraded to a higher rarity to unlock the Witcher set bonus.

Best Bolts

The best bolt you can equip to deal damage are the Exploding Bolts but they can take up a lot of weight and they are rarely sold by merchants and blacksmiths which makes them difficult to stock up on. If you want to save as much weight slot as possible and not to worry about the quantity, it might still be better for you to use the default infinite Bolts.

Crossbow Tips

Crossbows Against Flying Enemies

The main purpose of equipping a crossbow is to shoot down flying enemies to get them in range of your sword attacks or to stagger enemies for instant kills.

Crossbows Underwater

Using crossbows underwater will guarantee a one shot kill against drowners regardless of the crossbow's damage. Equipping higher damaging crossbows will have no impact for underwater combat and it will only use the default bolts which is unlimited.

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