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Where to Find Ingredients and Crafting Materials

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This is a guide to Crafting Materials and Ingredients in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Read on to find out more about where these ingredients and materials can be found, and what they are used for.

Where to Find Ingredients and Crafting Materials

Crafting Items and using Alchemy requires various different items and materials that can be found almost everywhere. This plays a big role in the world of Witcher in order to get stronger. Looting and Dismantling are the only source of these items and materials that you will get throughout the game. It is important to know which areas you should check while traversing the vast world of Witcher.


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Materials can be found on every corner in the world of Witcher. Try to loot everything as much as possible (as long as no one is looking)! Whenever you are exploring a new area, do not forget to use your Witcher Senses to locate objects that are covered with a yellow glow. The yellow glow usually means that there is an item that you can loot inside.

Enemies and Monsters

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Killing enemies that you encounter will result in them dropping materials that can be used for Crafting and Alchemy. Keep in mind to always look for dropped items near the corpse of the slain enemy.

To learn more information about the items dropped by each monster, you check out our guide on Monsters.

List of Monsters

Vendors and Traders

Where to get materials - Vendor.jpg
Some materials can be purchased from the traders and vendors that you can find in the game. However, purchasing raw materials from vendors is only recommended if you have extra coins to spare. It is more efficient to loot or dismantle items for materials rather than to purchase them at a very high price.

Rivers and Ponds

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Some items that you can find are hidden away at the bottom of the pond or in a chest inside of a destroyed boat. Make sure to check underwater to collect hidden materials and equipment that you can use for crafting.


Where to get materials - Dismantle.jpg
Dismantling extra items is an excellent way of collecting crafting materials. Once you start trying to complete the required crafting materials for a better equipment, dismantling items can provide you most of the materials that you will need. Dismantling items with higher rarity will give you better crafting materials, which is really important for obtaining the best in the game equipment. Keep in mind that once you dismantle an item, it will permanently disappear.

Where to use Ingredients and Crafting Materials

Armorers and Blacksmiths

Ingredients & Crafting Materials - Armorer.jpg
Crafting Materials are used on Armorers or Blacksmiths when making Armor, Weapons, and also better Crafting Materials. Rare Crafting Materials are usually needed when trying to create Armor and Weapons with higher stats and abilities. However, there are instances that combining two of the same crafting material will sometimes make a more rare crafting material. This is why looting even the most common crafting material is important to get stronger.

Herbalists and Alchemists

Ingredients & crafting materials - Herbalist.jpg
You can use the Ingredients from Herbalists and Alchemists to make Oils, Decoction, and Potions. These are extremely important when fighting strong enemies because of their ability to make your attacks more effective against specific targets.

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