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Should You Loot Everything?

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This is a guide to looting in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. If you are wondering if you should loot everything, if there are any consequences to looting, and when you should loot, please read on.

What is Looting?

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Looting is stealing the items lying around all over the world for yourself. This can be done by approaching any object that has loot inside and pressing the X button (A on Switch). This will show a popup window that displays all of the items available for you to loot. From here you can choose the items you want to take or take them all by pressing the Triangle Button.

Items taken will go directly to your inventory for you to use or sell for coins that you will badly need during your adventure.

Should I Loot Everything?

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YES!, you need to loot as many items as you can, even if it makes the game very time consuming. Looting gives you more resources to sell and provides materials from disassembling that you will desperately need as you go deeper into the game. You will need more coins and materials to purchase better equipment and to craft stronger weapons and armor. Looting is going to be your best solution to obtain the rare materials that will to hinder your progress when trying to make the best armor available.

Looting near Guards

Should I loot everything - guard loot.jpg
Looting items in front of a guard will cause them to attack you. You will usually receive a warning before stealing in front of these guards while the popup window is open. If you continue to steal the item after being warned, they will not stop chasing you with their attacks until you die. If you die to a guard, you will lose a large portion of the coins you are holding on to, so be sure to avoid looting when the message appears.

However, other than getting attacked by angry guards, there are no consequences from looting in other areas. This includes looting from the Bloody Baron's family, even directly after he warns you not to steal from their rooms! Therefore, when there is no message appearing to warn you of angering the guards, you should progress through the game, happily looting every game that you can get your hands on.


Should i loot everything - overburdened.jpg
Looting multiple items will cause you to be overburdened, which will slow you down during exploration. This can easily be solved by transfering your items in storage or selling them to merchants.

To learn more tricks on how to properly manage your inventory, you can check out our guide on Managing Your Inventory.
Managing Your Inventory

Looting Tips

Places of Interests

Should i Loot - Points of Interest.jpg
Rare Materials and Ingredients are usually found on Markers (Guarded Treasure, Monster Nests, and Bandit Camps) that you can see on the map. You will usually be rewarded with a treasure full of equipment and materials after cleaning up the area from enemies. Look out for nearby markers on the map to collect the Materials that you may need for your equipment.

Get the Eye of Nehaleni

Should I loot - Eye of Nahaleni.jpg
Finish the quest called Wandering in the Dark given by Keira Metz to receive the item called the Eye of Nehaleni. The Eye of Nehaleni automatically helps you distinguish illusion walls which are usually packed with great treasures and rare materials.

Witcher Senses

Should i loot - Witcher Senses.jpg
Use your Witcher Senses when exploring new areas. Witcher Senses let you know which objects contain loot inside by marking them with a bright yellow glow. This is very useful after slaying monsters or enemies to find where to collect their loot from.

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1 Anonymousabout 4 years

I think the answer to any rpg when it comes to looting everything is yes. If you can loot it you loot it. From my personal experince XD


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