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All Decisions Affecting the Story and Best Choices

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All Decisions Affecting Story and Best Choices
This guide will show you all the decisions that will affect the story and the best choices to choose from. Read on to find out what are the best choices.

Kiera's Fate

For the Advancement of Learning
At the end of the side quest For the Advancement of Learning, you will have to decide whether to let her go to Radovid, kill her, or send her to Kaer Morhen. Your decision will determine what will happen to Kiera throughout the story.

Kiera Goes to Radovid

Kiera goes to Radovid to try and parley. Instead, Radovid orders her execution. This happens when you choose any of the dialogue choices with the exit icon or if you end up not doing this quest. It will cause the side quest A Final Kindness to become available.

You Kill Kiera

Geralt fights Kiera and ends up killing her, stopping the notes from falling into the wrong hands. This happens when the chosen dialogue choices are insulting or hostile. It can also happen when asking for the notes without sending her to Kaer Morhen.

Sending Kiera to Kaer Morhen

Geralt sends Kiera to Kaer Morhen, where she will be much comfortable instead of living in the woods or going to Radovid to die. This happens when you choose the dialogue inviting her to Kaer Morhen. Choose the dialogue options that are not confrontational and do not ask the notes from her for the dialogue option to invite her to be available.

Best Choice for Kiera's Fate

Invite Kiera to Kaer Morhen

The best choice would be sending her to Kaer Morhen. Sending her to Kaer Morhen will let her be available in the main quest, The Battle for Kaer Morhen. She will save Lambert, assuring he lives during the quest. They will even end up as lovers in the end.

The Ghost in the Tree and Bloody Baron's Family's Fate

Anna and the Bloody Baron.jpg
Geralt finds a spirit imprisoned beneath the Ancient Oak during the quest The Whispering Hillock. He can decide to free the spirit or kill it. This will influence what will happen to Anna and the Bloody Baron in the side quest Return to Crookback Bog.

Freeing the Spirit

Geralt frees the spirit who promises to save the kids in the orphanage from the crones, but will also ravage the town of Downwarren. With the kids saved right under Anna's nose, she is punished by the crones, turning her into a water hag.

She dies after being saved in Return to Crookback Bog, and the Bloody Baron hangs himself from the loss.

Killing the Spirit

Geralt kills the spirit, doing what was asked from him. Without the spirit to save the orphans they are presumably killed and eaten by the crones. Due to the shock of the loss of the kids and every other event that preceded, Anna loses her mind and becomes a shell of her former self. The Baron decides to leave with her to look for a healer.

Best Choice for The Ghost in the Tree

Kill the Spirit

Geralt killing the spirit would be the best choice. You can avoid a fight by tricking it and it will mean both the Baron and his wife staying alive.

Skellige's New Ruler

While visiting Crach an Craite for his reward for helping Crach's children, Geralt is caught in a massacre done by magic bears. The player can decide which An Craite sibling to help, influencing which one of them becomes the ruler of Skellige in the side quest King's Gambit.

Choosing not to Help

Geralt decides that the An Craite clan does not need his help to solve this problem. It ends with Cerys and Hjalmar presumed dead and Svanrige becoming king of Skellige.

Choosing to Help Cerys

Geralt helps Cerys, who will discover who is behind the plot against the other clans. With her achievement, she becomes the Queen of Skellige.

Choosing to Help Hjalmar

Geralt joins Hjalmar to restore his clan's honor by slaying the berserkers who were used as a tool by someone in the shadows. Restoring honor to his clan, he becomes the king of Skellige.

Best Choice for Skellige's New Ruler

Cerys as the Ruler of Skellige

Cerys as the queen of Skellige would be the best choice. She will lead Skellige to a new age of progress and peace. Compared to the other 2 bloody outcomes, this is more preferable.

Fate of the Mages

Now or Never
The Witch Hunters are closing in on the mages of Novigrad. Triss decides it is finally time to get the mages out of the city, she asks Geralt for help in the quest Now or Never.

Help Triss and the Mages

If you decide to complete this quest, the mages will be able to escape Novigrad and the Witch Hunters after them. It is also required to finish this quest to do the quest A Reason of State.

Ignore or Decline the Quest Condemning the Mages

If you ignore or decline the quest, you will not be able to do the quest A Reason of State and it will mean the mages are killed, the nonhumans will start getting persecuted, and Radovid wins the war.

Best Choice for the Fate of the Mages

Save the Mages

You would be saving lives from death caused by discrimination. The quest Reason of State will also open up to the player, allowing the possibility to influence the outcome of the war.

Romancing Triss

Romancing Triss
At the end of Now or Never, Geralt can ask Triss to stay telling her he loves her, or he can let her leave Novigrad with the other mages.

Ask her to Stay

Geralt asks Triss to stay, telling her he loves her and they become lovers again.

Let her Leave

Geralt lets Triss leave with the other mages, completely snuffing what embers are left from Geralt and Triss' relationship.

Best Choice for Romancing Triss

Romancing Triss

If the player is not planning on romancing Yennefer, it would be best to romance Triss. Either of the romance options is better than Geralt ending up all alone.

For more information on romancing Triss or Yennefer, check out the guide below:
Romance Guide

Romancing Yennefer

Romancing Yennefer
In the quest The Last Wish, Geralt helps Yennefer with removing the last wish he made with a Djinn. After the spell is removed, the player can decide whether to romance Yennefer or not.

Help Yennefer and Romance her

Geralt helps Yennefer get rid of the last wish of the Djin and tells her he still loves her.

Do not Help Yennefer or Do not Romance her

Geralt either does not help Yennefer get rid of the wish or after the wish has been lifted he realizes he does not love her anymore.

Best Choice for Romancing Yennefer

Romancing Yennefer

If the player is not planning on romancing Triss, it would be best to romance Yennefer. Either of the romance options is better than Geralt ending up all alone.

Cheering up Ciri

Witcher 3 Choice Ciri 1
During the quest Blood on the Battlefield. Ciri becomes frustrated while training with Avallac'h to control her powers. With the problem of the Wild Hunt and the death of Vesemir, Ciri looks to Geralt for some help. The player can try and cheer her up in two ways. This will influence the ending the player will get.

Drink with Ciri

Geralt drinks some booze with Ciri. He fails to cheer Ciri up.

Snowball Fight with Ciri

Geralt has a snowball fight with Ciri to help her forget her troubles.

Best Choice for Cheering Up Ciri

Snowball Fight with Ciri

Choosing the dialogue choice [Think I know what might lift your spirits] will start a snowball fight with Ciri which will contribute to getting either of the endings where she lives.

Choosing Whether or not to Visit Emhyr

Witcher 3 Choice Travel
At the end of the quest Blood on the Battlefield, Geralt remembers he has agreed to return to Emhyr with Ciri after finding her. The player can decide to visit the emperor or go straight to Bald Mountain. This can influence the ending the player will get.

Bring Ciri to Emhyr

Geralt brings Ciri to her father and they talk about her future.

Do Not Bring Ciri to Emhyr

Geralt and Ciri go straight to Bald Mountain, skipping the meeting with Emhyr.

Accepting Emhyr's Reward

If the player does decide to go meet with Emhyr, he will offer Geralt a reward that he may choose to take or not

Take the Reward

Geralt takes the reward, making Ciri feel like Geralt just sold her out.

Decline the Reward

Geralt declines the reward, showing Ciri he brought her there for her and no the coin.

Best Choice for the Decision to Visit Emhyr

Do Not Bring Ciri to Ehmyr

If you have finished the side quests A Deadly Plot, An Eye for an Eye, Redania's Most Wanted, and Reason of State; then it is preferable that you do not bring Ciri to Ehmyr. Bringing her to Ehmyr will trigger with all the said quests completed will trigger the Empress ending for Ciri. However, if you have not finished these quests, then you can bring Ciri to Ehmyr to improve her standing for the game's epilogue.

More information on the endings in the guide below:
List of Endings and How to Get the Best Ending

Dealing with Dijkstra

Witcher 3 Blindingly Obvious Dijkstra
At the end of the quest Blindingly Obvious, Dijkstra will try and take Philippa. The player can decide how to deal with Dijkstra, whether through diplomatic means or with cold steel.

Diplomatic with Dijkstra

Geralt convinces Dijkstra to let Philippa go. This will make the side quest Reason of State available if the other pre-requisites are met.

Shove Dijkstra

Geralt will get violent with Dijkstra and shove him which will break his other leg.

Best Choice for Dealing with Dijkstra

Be Diplomatic

Tell Dijkstra about Emhyr's plans to be able to do the side quest Reason of State.

The Outcome of the War

Temeria is Revived.jpg
Dijkstra asks Geralt to be involved in a plot to assassinate king Radovid int the quest Reason of State. After the successful attempt, Dijkstra has decided that the Temerians will be a problem. At the end of this quest, the player can choose whether or not to help the Temerians fight Dijkstra. This will influence what ending the player will get.

Ignore the Quest

If the player does not do this quest or are not able to, Radovid wins the war by default.

Help the Temerians

If the player does the quest and help Roche and the rest of the Temerians fight Dijkstra, Nilfgaard wins the war in the end.

Let Dijkstra kill the Temerians

Radovid dies and Dijkstra takes his seat as a chancellor. He wins the war for the north.

Best Choice to Influence the Outcome of the War

Help Roche, Ves, and Thaler

Helping the Temerians will cause Nilfgaard to win the war and restore the land of Temeria. This is also required to do for the Ciri Empress Ending.

Ciri's Meeting with the Lodge of Sorceresses

Witcher 3 Ciri
At the end of the quest Final Preparations, the Lodge of Sorceresses asks to talk to Ciri. To discuss her future and the future of the lodge. The player can decide whether or not to come with Ciri to meet the lodge. This will influence the ending the player will get.

Let Her Go Alone

Ciri speaks to Margarita and Philippa on her own, letting her gain confidence in herself.

Come with Ciri

Geralt comes with Ciri to speak to the lodge. Geralt's presence during the meeting does not allow her to grow.

Best Choice for Final Preparation

Geralt Lets Ciri on Her Own

This will give another positive point to get the good or best ending.

Helping Ciri Handle a Discovery

Witcher 3 Ciri
In the quest Child of the Elder Blood, Ciri discovers how Avallac'h truly sees her and becomes angry and frustrated. The player can tell Ciri to calm down or help her wreck Avallac'h's lab. This decision can influence what ending the player will get.

Calm Down Ciri

Geralt tells Ciri to calm down, causing her to bottle up her frustration.

Tell Ciri to Go for it

Geralt and Ciri start wrecking Avallac'h's lab, letting her release her anger and frustration while having fun.

Best Choice to Help Ciri Handle Her Emotions

Telling Ciri to go for It

This will be another positive point for one of the good endings.

Ciri Requests to Visit Skjall

At the end of the quest Child of the Elder Blood, Ciri asks Geralt whether she could visit Skjall. The player can decide whether or not to visit him. This decision can influence what ending the player will get.

Visit Skjall's Grave

Ciri and Geralt find Skjall's corpse and decide to give him a proper burial.

Deny Ciri Visiting Skjall

Ciri becomes angry and disappointed in Geralt

Best Choices for Ciri's Request

Visit Skjall's Grave

This will also give another positive point for the good endings.

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