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This page contains information on how to win horse races in the game The Witcher 3. Read on to learn what are the techniques to improve on horse races and finish faster.

How to Win Horse Races

Horse Races is a feature on The Witcher 3 where you will race to the finish line against an opponent in Horseback. This feature is also sometimes encountered as part of your quest where you can receive an additional reward if you win the race.


Sprinting is the most important technique you must learn in Horseback riding. It allows you to move faster to outrun your opponents during the race. You can easily do sprinting by double tapping then holding the X Button (A on Switch) while moving forward.

Improved Saddle

Horse Saddle
Improving your saddle is the best thing you can do to prepare yourself before starting a Horse Race. Improving your saddle increases your maximum Horse Stamina giving you more stamina to work with when sprinting.

Managing Stamina

Horse Stamina
It is also imporant to manage your stamina properly to secure victories. Running out of horse stamina is the worst thing that could happen during a race. Once the horse stamina runs out, you will not be able to sprint for a few seconds which will make you a lot slower. Slow down during turns and use this moment to recover a portion of your horse stamina. Doing this technique will give you enough stamina to finish the race without completely depleteting the stamina bar.

Knowing the Route

Some Horse Races have confusing tracks which may cause you to get lost during the race, costing you more time to reach the finish line. Try to learn the route and observe the terrain before getting in to a race.

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