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Dialogue Choices and Consequences | Chapter 14 Resolutions

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This is a guide to dialogue options and consequences (effects) in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). If you are wondering how to get the scene with Tifa, Aerith or Cloud, or you want to know whether you should go to Jessie's house or drink with Tifa, we've got you covered!

List of Dialogue Choices and Consequences

Chapter 1

Set Timer:


Choice Consequence / Effect
Twenty Minutes ・Receive an Ether and Two Hi-Potions from Jessie at the start of Chapter 2
Thirty Minutes ・No Effect

Should You Set 20 Minutes or 30 Minutes for the Bomb Timer?

Chapter 2

Here. This is for you.

This is for you Dialogue Choices

Choice Consequence / Effect
How much? ・No Effect
I'm good. ・No Effect

In your case... It's on the house.

Choice Consequence / Effect
Don't be stupid. ・No Effect
Fine, I'll take it. ・No Effect

How to Answer Aerith's Question

Chapter 3

What'll it be?


Choice Consequence / Effect
Something hard. ・No Effect
Not in the mood. ・No Effect

Tifa Drink Choice

I wonder what would suit me.

Tifa Dress Choice Dialogue

Choice Consequence / Effect
Something mature. ・Tifa will wear the purple dress in Chapter 9
Something...sporty? ・Tifa will wear the Chinese-style dress in Chapter 9
Something exotic? ・Tifa will wear the kimono dress in Chapter 9

This choice is made only after completing all of the Chapter 3 Odd Jobs and returning to your room to initiate the Alone at Last Discovery quest.

Dress Choices | How to Get All Dresses Guide

Chapter 4

Will you come back tomorrow night?

Jessie Tomorrow Night Dialogue Choices

Choice Consequence / Effect
No promises. ・No Effect
Not happening. ・No Effect

How to Answer Jessie

Chapter 8

What flowers to pick?

Leaf House Delivery.jpg

Choice Consequence / Effect
3 yellow flowers ・Chocobo Decoration
3 white flowers ・Moogle Decoration
3 foxtails ・Cactuar Decoration

What Flowers Should You Choose?

Chapter 9

The girl we're looking for...


Choice Consequence / Effect
She's in great shape. ・+1 point toward triggering Sam's side quests.
She's a great fighter. ・No Effect
She's great at handling the books. ・+1 point toward triggering Madam M's side quests.

How Should You Respond to Sam?

Stay the night?


Choice Consequence / Effect
...No thanks ・+1 point toward triggering Sam's side quests.
How much? ・+1 point toward triggering Madam M's side quests.
Back off. No Effect

What Should You Say to the Hotel Employee? (Chapter 9)

Heads or tails?


Choice Consequence / Effect
Heads. ・+1.5 points toward triggering Sam's side quests.
Tails. ・+1.5 points toward triggering Sam's side quests.
No deal. ・+0.5 points toward triggering Sam's side quests.

Heads or Tails

Choose which course?


Choice Consequence / Effect
Luxury Course - 3,000 G ・+2 points toward triggering Madam M's side quests.
Standard Course - 1,000 G ・+1 point toward triggering Madam M's side quests.
Poor Man's Course - 100 G ・No effect
Not today. ・Halt the choices

Which Hand Massage Course Should You Choose?

How is Aerith's outfit?


Choice Consequence / Effect
It's alright. ・+1 point toward triggering Sam's side quests.
Looks comfortable. No Effect
It matters what I think? ・+1 point toward triggering Madam M's side quests.

How to Answer How is Aerith's Outfit?

Taste mystery drink?


Choice Consequence / Effect
I'll taste it. ・+1 point toward triggering Sam's side quests.
I don't need that ・No Effect

Should You Taste the Mystery Drink?

Chapter 10

Who should you talk to first in the sewers?


Choice Consequence / Effect
Aerith ・Affection with Aerith will raise
Tifa ・Affection with Tifa will raise

Who Should You Talk to First in the Sewers?

Chapter 12

Don't let it be for nothing.


Choice Consequence / Effect
I won't ・No Effect
What about you? ・No Effect

How to Answer Biggs

Chapter 16

Elevator or stairs?

Reach for the Skyview Hall.jpg

Choice Consequence / Effect
Elevator ・2 battles with Elite Security Officers
Stairs ・No Effect

Elevator or Stairs: Which Should You Take?

Give 10,000 Gil?


Choice Consequence / Effect
Yes ・Obtain EKG Cannon
No ・No Effect

What Does Giving 10,000 Gil to Hart Do?

Chapter 18

Who Joins the Fight with Sephiroth?


Action Points
Barret Tifa Aerith
Using an Ability, Spell, or Item 24 20 44
Using a Limit Break 120 100 220
Reducing any Whisper's HP to 0 and Staggering them 120 100 220
Finishing off Whisper Bahamut or Whisper Harbinger - 250 550

How to Choose Who Fights Sephiroth

How to See Every Chapter 14 Resolution Scene

Chapter 14.jpg

The character on the hill at the start of the Chapter will change

Depending on your choices up to Chapter 14 regarding Tifa and Aerith's affection, the character appearing in the Chapter 14 cutscene will change.

Seeing all 3 of these Resolutions contributes to Play Log completion as well.

Post Game Content | New Game Plus and How to 100% Clear the Game

There are a total of 3 cutscenes

There is a special cutscene involving each of the three party members with Cloud: Tifa, Barret, and Aerith. If you want to see them all, you'll need to use the Chapter Select screen and remake the choices leading up to Chapter 14.

You'll need to clear the game and gain access to Chapter Select in order to redo your choices

When you remake your choices using Chapter Select, you need to clear the chapter you made it on. If you use Chapter Select before clearing it, your results will not have any effect on the cutscene.

How to Increase Affection

Cloud's Action Affection Increase
Tifa Aerith
Clearing Odd Jobs in Chapter 3 +2 Per Quest -
Clearing Odd Jobs in Chapter 8 - +2 Per Quest
The character you check on first at the beginning of Chapter 10
(You can only choose 1)
+1 +1
Barret's Affection
Unlike Tifa and Aerith, Barret has no affection value. In order to view Barret's Resolution Scene, Tifa and Aerith's affection must be below 5.

List of Side Quests (Odd Jobs)

There Are 3 Resolutions Total

How to Get Tifa
Odd Jobs Cleared in Chapter 3 More than 3
Odd Jobs Cleared in Chapter 8 Less than 2
How to Get Aerith
Odd Jobs Cleared in Chapter 3 Less than 2
Odd Jobs Cleared in Chapter 8 More than 3
How to Get Barret
Odd Jobs Cleared in Chapter 3 Less than 2
Odd Jobs Cleared in Chapter 8 Less than 2

Tifa, Barret, and Aerith all have Resolution scenes. Those who would like to view them all should use the Chapter Select to redo the affection for each character.

You Must Complete the Chapter

If you want the affection changes to take affect, you must clear the associated chapters. Once you've changed the affection and cleared the required chapter, simply start Chapter 14 to view the scene.

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