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This is a guide to answering how is Aerith's outfit during Chapter 9 in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). How would you describe Aerith's outfit to her? Read on to learn how will each response affect the story!

Describing Aerith's Outfit in Chapter 9


Right after Madam M agrees to enter Aerith in the audition, she also suggests to have something done to Aerith's outfit. Aerith then asks Cloud for his opinion, which will give the player three choices on how to answer.

See the link below for a guide through Chapter 9!

Chapter 9: The Town That Never Sleeps Story Guide & Walkthrough

How Will It Affect the Story?


Your response will affect the route of Chapter 9 Odd Jobs that will be available for you and will also give you a chance to raise Aerith's affection toward Cloud, which contributes to what resolution you will get in Chapter 14.

Effects of Dialogue Choices

How is Aerith's outfit?

Choice Consequence / Effect
It's alright. ・Affection with Aerith will raise
・+1 point toward triggering Sam's side quests.
Looks comfortable. ・Affection with Aerith will raise
It matters what I think? ・+1 point toward triggering Madam M's side quests.

Dialogue Choices and Consequences

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