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This page lists the stats and abilities of the Buster Sword, one of Cloud's Weapons in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7 Remake). Read on to learn how to get the Buster Sword, as well as the best Buster Sword skills to upgrade first!

Buster Sword Stats and Information

Buster Sword Base Fully Upgraded
Buster Sword Image Attack 22 91
Magic Attack 22 91
User Cloud
Materia Slots
(Fully Upgraded)
Fully Upgraded Bonus Stats
Defense +11 Magic Defense +11
Max HP +800 Max MP +26
A large broadsword that inherited the hopes of those who fight.

Buster Sword Abilities

Ability Focused Thrust
Ability Effect Lunge toward an enemy with a piercing strike that hits multiple times. Significantly increases stagger.
Proficiency Bonus ---

How to Get the Buster Sword

Obtaining Buster Sword

How to Obtain Buster Sword
Equipped to Cloud by default.

This will be Cloud's starting weapon and is automatically equipped at the beginning.

Best Buster Sword Upgrades

List of Cores

Buster Sword Core
(Req. SP 4)
Weapon Level: 1
・Attack Power +5
・Magic Attack Power +5
・Max HP +100
・Punisher Mode Strong Attack Damage 5% Boost
Buster Sword Sub-Core I
(Req. SP 6)
Weapon Level: 2
・Attack Power +8
・Magic Attack Power +8
・Defense +5
・Magic Defense +5
Buster Sword Sub-Core II
(Req. SP 8)
Weapon Level: 3
・Attack Power +8
・Magic Attack Power +8
・Max HP +150
・Max MP +6
・MP Regeneration 10% Boost
・New Materia Slot (Or link two existing slots)
Buster Sword Sub-Core III
(Req. SP 12)
Weapon Level: 4
・Attack Power +16
・Magic Attack Power +16
・Defense +6
・Magic Defense +6
・Max HP +150
・New Materia Slot (Or link two existing slots)
Buster Sword Sub-Core IV
(Req. SP 14)
Weapon Level: 5
・Attack Power +16
・Magic Attack Power +16
・Max HP +200
・Max MP +10
・Limit Break Damage 5% Boost
・New Materia Slot (Or link two existing slots)
Buster Sword Sub-Core V
(Req. SP 16)
Weapon Level: 6
・Attack Power +16
・Magic Attack Power +16
・Max HP +200
・Max MP +10
・New Materia Slot (Or link two existing slots)
・New Materia Slot (Or link two existing slots)
・New Materia Slot (Or link two existing slots)

A well-balanced sword for Cloud

This weapon's strength lies in its balance between the attack and magic attack stats. Depending on your playstyle, select upgrades accordingly, but you'll definitely want to upgrade Materia slots asap, given this weapons low slot availability. Physical attack and HP upgrades definitely won't go to waste, so upgrade them first when you are unsure of where to spend SP.

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Use brings about wear...tear...and rust. And that's a real waste.

1 Anonymous3 months

The overall values for attack and defense are often incorrect. Buster Sword has +11 Defense, not +5, Iron Blade +350 HP, not +200.

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