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List of Human Enemies and Weaknesses

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This page lists all human enemies from Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7 Remake). To learn the weaknesses of every human enemy, or see their stats and other information, see the list below!

List of Human Enemies

Enemy Weaknesses
Security Officer IconSecurity Officer -
Elite Security Officer IconElite Security Officer -
Grenadier IconGrenadier -
Elite Grenadier IconElite Grenadier -
Riot Trooper IconRiot Trooper -
Elite Riot Trooper IconElite Riot Trooper -
Flametrooper IconFlametrooper -
Shock Trooper IconShock Trooper -
Elite Shock Trooper IconElite Shock Trooper -
Enhanced Shock Trooper IconEnhanced Shock Trooper Currently Unknown
Helitrooper IconHelitrooper -
Elite Helitrooper IconElite Helitrooper -
3-C Soldier Operator Icon3-C Soldier Operator -
Hoodlum IconHoodlum -
Corneo Lackey IconCorneo Lackey -
Beastmaster IconBeastmaster -
Bandit IconBandit -
Beck IconBeck -
Butch IconButch -
Burke IconBurke -
Grungy Bandit IconGrungy Bandit -
The Huntsman IconThe Huntsman -
Roche IconRoche -
Reno IconReno Lightning, Proportional Damage
Rude IconRude Proportional Damage
Rufus IconRufus Sleep, Stop
Deepground SOLDIER IconDeepground SOLDIER -
Enhanced Magitrooper IconEnhanced Magitrooper -

What are Human Enemies?

Human enemies are humans wielding deadly weapons, augmented by powerful magic, or a mix of both. They are generally weak to fire attacks.

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Types of Enemies
Human Biological Artificial Life
Mechanical Unreadable


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