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This page contains the stats and weaknesses of Grungy Bandit, an enemy from Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7 Remake). Read on to learn the items dropped from this enemy, as well as AP, gil, abilities, and locations, as well as tips on how to beat Grungy Bandit!

Grungy Bandit Stats and Information

Grungy Bandit Basic Information

Grungy Bandit
Grungy Bandit Enemy Icon
Species Movement Type
Human Grounded Mini-Boss


Hired muscle working for Beck's Badasses. With his massive bulk, he delivers devastating blows one after the other. He likes his fights clean and fair, and remains honorable in victory and defeat.

Assess (Tips)

Dealing damage interrupts his attacks, but he soon counters with a throwing technique. Evading the attack and hitting him while his guard is down makes him susceptible to staggering.

Grungy Bandit Stats

Easy Normal Hard
HP 3546~6884 6447~12516 16506
Attack 220~397 598
Magic Attack 60~109 148
Defense 154~300 401
Magic Defense 17~34 45

Grungy Bandit Weaknesses & Resistances

Weakness / Status Ailments -
Lesser Resistances -
Greater Resistances -
Absorbed Elements

How to Stagger Grungy Bandit

Stagger Rates

×1 ×1 ×1 ×1
×1 ×1 ×1 -

Stagger Length

Stagger Length 10 seconds

Grungy Bandit Abilities

Flying Knee


Rewards for Defeating

Easy/Normal Hard
Gil 84~315 656
AP 5 15
Exp 210~762 3168
Items Dropped Adrenaline (12%)
Rare Items Dropped Mega-Potion (5%)
Steal Champion Belt (12%)

Areas Encountered

Locations Sector 6 Slums

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