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Welcome to Game8's The Last of Us Part II guide and walkthrough wiki. Read on to find story walkthroughs, weapon information, collectible locations, and more! For all things Last of Us 2 related, leave it to Game8!

The Last of Us Part II Walkthrough


Story Walkthrough

Chapter 1 Jackson
Chapter 2 Seattle Day 1
Chapter 3 Seattle Day 2
Chapter 4 Seattle Day 3
Chapter 5 The Park
Chapter 6 Seattle Day 1
Chapter 7 Seattle Day 2
Chapter 8 Seattle Day 3
Chapter 9 The Farm
Chapter 10 Santa Barbara
Chapter 11 The Farm

The Last of Us Part II Collectibles

Last of Us 2 - Collectibles-min.png

List of Collectibles and Locations

Last of Us 2 Collectibles
Artifacts Trading Cards
Journal Entries Coins
Training Manuals

The Last of Us Part II Tips & Tricks

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Tips & Tricks

Game Mechanics and Features
Combat Guide and Tips List of Skill Upgrades
How to Use Listen Mode How to Stealth Kill | Stealth Tips
How to Upgrade Weapons -
Controls and Techniques
Game Controls & Settings
How to Ride the Horse How to Heal
How to Use Quick Turn How to Run (Sprint)
How to Turn on Aim Assist How to Ride the Boat
Resources and Tools
What are Scavenged Parts? What are Ingredients?
Recipe List List of Training Manuals and Locations
List of All Workbench Locations -
Exploration and Secrets
Safe Combinations and Locations How to Find the Downtown Seattle Map
Trophy Guide | List of Trophies How to Open the Bank Vault
Soda Can Code How to Earn the High Score in the Archery Game
How to Win the Marksmanship Competition How to Put a Hat on your Companion
How to Find the Engraved Ring How to Find the Strange Artifact
How to Unlock the Hidden Trophies Easter Eggs
Miscellaneous Guides
Which Skills Should You Upgrade First? Which Weapon Upgrades Should You Get First?
How to Play Guitar What Carries Over Into New Game Plus?
How to Use Photo Mode Difficulty Settings and Best Difficulty
How to Use Generators Scent Trails Explained

The Last of Us Part II Enemy Guides

Runners - Killing Runners.jpg

List of Enemies


Infected Enemies
Runners Stalkers Clickers
Bloaters Shamblers Rat King


Non-Infected Enemies
WLF Dogs
Seraphites Rattlers

Other Guides

Enemy Guides
New Infected and Enemies

The Last of Us Part II Weapons

Shotgun - Banner.jpg

List of Weapons


Semi-Auto Pistol Revolver
Military Pistol Hunting Pistol

Long Guns

Long Guns
Bolt-Action Rifle Pump Shotgun Bow
Semi-Auto Rifle Double Barrel Shotgun Crossbow
Flamethrower Silenced Submachine Gun -


Throwable Weapons
Bottle Brick Molotov
Stun Bomb Trap Mine Pipe Bombs


Other Weapons


Recovery Items
Health Kits

The Last of Us Part II Characters


See All Characters

Jackson Community
Ellie Icon.pngEllie Dina Icon.pngDina Joel Icon.pngJoel
Jesse Icon.pngJesse Tommy Icon.pngTommy Maria Icon.pngMaria
Seth Icon.pngSeth - -
Abby Icon.pngAbby Owen Icon.pngOwen Mel Icon.pngMel
Nora Icon.pngNora Manny Icon.pngManny Jordan Icon.pngJordan
Isaac Icon.pngIsaac Alice Icon.pngAlice Jerry Icon.pngJerry
Whitney Icon.pngWhitney Nick Icon.pngNick -
Lev Icon.pngLev Yara Icon.pngYara Emily Icon.pngEmily

The Last of Us Part II News

Last of Us 2 Joel.png
News and Updates

The Last of Us Part II Message Boards

List of Message Boards
Discussion Board
Questions Board
Review Board
Last of Us 2 Forum

The Last of Us Part II Price and Product Information

TLoU Banner.jpg

Title The Last of Us Part II
Release Date June 19, 2020
Price $59.99 USD/ $79.99 CAD
Platform Playstation 4
Genre Survival Horror, Action-Adventure
Developer Naughty Dog
Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment
Official Site The Last Of Us Part II

Where to Buy

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Last of Us Series Walkthroughs

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