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See all of the new enemies confirmed to be coming to The Last of Us Part II so far. Read on to see new infected and enemies!

New Infected and Enemies

New Infected

The first Last of Us game had four types of Infected: Runners, Stalkers, Clickers, and Bloaters. The Last of Us Part 2 has made a few changes to the types of Infected.

Changes to Runners

The Last of Us Part II - Runners.png

In The Last of Us 2, Runners are now more numerous, and are more aggressive in comparison with the last game.

How to Kill Runners (Zombies)

The Shambler

The Last of Us Part II - Shambler 2.png

The Shambler is a new type of infected. Large and tough, the Shambler will absorb more damage, and will release spores from growths on its body upon being killed.

How to Kill Shamblers

Unknown Infected

The Last of Us Part II - Clicker.png

Other infected were also talked about during a gameplay reveal. To find out what this new infected creature is, and how to fight it, see the link below.

Non-Infected Threats

The Last of Us 2 will have two factions to contest with along with new types of infected.

New Human Enemies

The Last of Us Part II - WLF.png

There will be two factions in the game, which are fighting for control over areas and resources. The more militarized “Washington Liberation Front”, also known as “WLF”, who are armed with equipment stolen from the military, and the Religious “Seraphites”, also known as “Scars” because of the self inflicted scars on their faces.

Guard Dogs


The WLF also has trained dog companions that can smell out your scent trail to get to you! When you kill one of these dogs, and the owner find it, your cover will be blown, so you need to be careful of the smart AI!

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List of Enemies


Infected Enemies
Runners Stalkers Clickers
Bloaters Shamblers Rat King


Non-Infected Enemies
WLF Dogs
Seraphites Rattlers

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New Infected and Enemies

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