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This page about the Pump Shotgun, a Long Gun in The Last of Us Part II. Read on to learn how to get the Pump Shotgun, as well as the best weapon upgrades for it, and how to use the Pump Shotgun.

Pump Shotgun: Basic Information

Pump Shotgun Icon
Pump Shotgun
Description Close-range shotgun with high damage and slow reload speed.
Type Long Gun
Capacity 4

Pump Shotgun: Best Upgrades

Pump Shotgun: List of Upgrades

Name Parts Effect
Fire Rate 40 Replace the springs and extractor to increase fire rate.
+55% Fire Rate
Stability 40 Replace the grip to reduce coil and decrease weapon sway.
-40% Recoil
+35% Stability
Capacity 50 Extend the magazine tube to increase shell capacity.
+2 Magazine Capacity

Best Upgrades for the Pump Shotgun

Upgrade Upgrade Priority
Fire Rate ★★★★
Stability ★★☆☆
Capacity ★★★☆

The first upgrade you will want to get is the fire rate. Since the shotgun is best up close, and amazing for getting out of a situation where you are surrounded, a higher fire rate will let you quickly blast through any enemies that are too close for comfort. However, getting too trigger happy will quickly run out your ammo, so getting the capacity upgrade will save you from blowing the whole magazine too quickly.

Unlike other weapons, the stability upgrade is less important for the pump shotgun. The reason for this is that you don't really need to aim for a headshot, and instead, you can just point it in the direction of an enemy that is up close, and they'll usually fall.

How to Use the Pump Shotgun

Shotgun - Banner.jpg

As mentioned above, the pump shotgun is a high powered close range gun. It sacrifices accuracy for the ability to spread over a wide range, which means it can hit multiple enemies that are up close and bunched up together.

This weapon is good against pretty much any enemy at close range. Runners are guaranteed to fall, and it is super effective against human enemies too. Clickers have larger health pools, so they may not die when hit, but they will almost always be stunned, allowing you to run in and hit them with a melee attack.

How to Get the Pump Shotgun

Obtain from the Bank Vault in Downtown Seattle

Bank Vault

Inside the bank in Seattle Day 1 - Downtown, there will be 2 Clickers and several Runners. The Vault is in a room behind the counter. The combination is on the table in front of the vault.

Bank Vault

Here you will be able to get the Pump Shotgun, next to a dead body.

Shotgun Vault

Click to see the Safe Combination
Vault Code
Safe Combination

How to Open the Bank Vault and Get the Shotgun | Vault Code

Can be picked up in the TV Station later on

If you went past the bank vault in Seattle Day 1 - Downtown without getting the shotgun, don't worry! You can still obtain this weapon rather easily. In Seattle Day 1 - Channel 13, you will come across a dead body next to some double doors that lead to some stairs. If you didn't pick up the shotgun earlier, it will be lying here instead. You will have to walk past it in order to continue in the story, so you can't miss it!

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