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Lev is a new character appearing in The Last of Us Part II (TLoU 2). This page will explain Lev's backstory, voice actor, and how old Lev is.

Lev: Character Information


Basic Information

Name Lev
Age: 13
Status: Alive
Occupation: Former member of Seraphites
Role: Support Character
Voice Actor: Ian Alexander

Profile and Backstory

Lev is the younger brother of Yara, another new character. They were both revealed in the Paris Games Week, along with a mysterious woman.

Both Lev and his sister Yara are members of the Seraphites. As you can see from the picture, they have a scar on their faces to show they are part of the same faction.

Before calling himself Lev, his original name was Lily. This happened due to the Seraphite Elders assigning him to be a wife to one of the other Elders. In defiance, he shaved his head and declared himself as a male and a soldier like her sister.

Due to his actions, the Seraphites have deemed him as an apostate and he is forced to run away because the Seraphites are hunting him down.

What Happens to Lev?

Click to View (Contains Spoilers)

Lev is first seen helping Yara during the time when Emily, another Seraphite, was trying to hang Abby and execute Yara. Lev, together with Yara and Abby, manage to escape the forest full of Stalkers together and settle down in an abandoned trailer.

When Yara's condition got worse, Abby returned to them and led them to the Aquarium to help amputate Yara's arm but, they lacked the supplies needed for this. Lev then accompanied Abby through a skyscraper inside Seraphite territory in order to cross the rapids going to the Hospital.

Right before they about to successfully cross the broken crane, they both fell into a pool which forced them to descend through the hotel full of Infected. When they reach the Hospital, Lev waited for Abby until she got the needed supplies from the Hospital and they went back to the Aquarium together.

After Yara's arm got amputated, Lev ran away from the Aquarium in hopes that he can bring their mother with them in escaping the Seraphites. Lev reaches the Seraphite island and accidentally kills their mother while trying to defend himself.

When Yara and Abby arrive to get Lev, Yara dies to the WLF and Lev and Abby are forced to fight their way through the WLF and the Seraphites in order to escape the island. After they successfully escape the island, they now head back to the Aquarium just to learn that Ellie has killed both Owen and Mel.

Lev finds the Seattle Map that Ellie used to track down the Salt Lake Crew and gives it to Abby. He then accompanies Abby to the Theater to help her get revenge on Ellie. Just before Abby kills Dina, Lev stops Abby and convinces her to leave them alone.

Many months later, Lev accompanies Abby at Santa Barbara to look for the remnants of the Fireflies. After successfully contacting the Fireflies, they learn that the Fireflies are on Catalina Island.

When they about to return to their sailboat, they got ambushed and captured by the Rattlers to become slaves. Some time later, Ellie found both of them tied to the Pillars and freed them before Abby and Lev were able to escape from Santa Barbara.

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