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This is a guide for everything you need to know about recipes in the game The Last of Us Part 2. Rea on learn what recipes are for and how to unlock them, as well as a list of recipes in Last of Us 2!

What are Recipes?

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Recipes are essentially which ingredients you need in order to craft a certain type of item. Recipes can be used to craft a wide array of items, like Health Kits, Molotovs, and even Arrows.

In order to use a recipe, you'll need the ingredients that are required to make the item. These ingredients are found scattered throughout the areas you explore, and can even be picked up off of fallen enemies.

What are Ingredients?

How to Craft

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Recipes can be accessed by pressing the Touchpad and opening up the crafting menu. Here you can see a list of all the tools and weapons that you can craft with the ingredients you have with you.

Unlocking Recipes

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To unlock a recipe, you must first pick up the tool or weapon for the first time to learn its components. Once you have them in your inventory, you will be able to craft them as long as you have the correct materials. For the most part, you will learn these automatically as you progress, although a few are unlocked via other methods (such as Player Upgrades, etc.)

Unlocking all recipes and crafting all items is required to get the following trophy.

bronze trophy.png Tools of the Trade
Craft every item

Trophy Guide | List of Trophies

Managing Your Resources

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Whenever you reach the maximum capacity of a material, you won't be able to pick them up when you find more on the ground. Be sure to check if you can craft any tool or weapon from the crafting menu that uses said ingredient, use it, and pick up the one you found. This is a simple trick to manage your resources and maximize the tools you get to survive.

List of Recipes

The following items are the different recipes that you can craft with the materials that you find throughout the game.

Item Ingr. 1 Ingr. 2 Ingr. 3 Effect
Health Kit
Health Kit
Alcohol Rag - Restores a moderate amount of health. Hold R2 to use.
Alcohol Rag - Explodes on impact, and fire lingers in the area.
Stun Bomb
Stun Bomb
Canister Explosive - Stuns enemies in a small area on impact.
Melee Upgrade
Melee Upgrade
Binding Blade Melee Weapon Restores melee weapon to full durability and increases its damage. Requires a melee weapon.
Rag Canister - Silences the pistol. Breaks after 3 shots.
Trap Mine
Trap Mine
Canister Explosive - Deploys in place and and detonates on enemy proximity.
Arrows x2
Arrows x2
Binding Blade - Standard ammo for the bow. Silently kills enemies. Crafts 2 arrows.
Explosive Arrow
Explosive Arrow
Explosive Binding - Detonates on impact dealing massive damage in a large blast radius.
Pipe Bombs x2
Pipe Bombs x2
Alcohol Canister Explosive Bounce on impact and explodes after a short delay. Crafts 2 bombs.
Shivs x2
Shivs x2
Binding Blade - Instantly kills enemies from stealth and saves from clicker grabs. Crafts 2 shivs that break on use.
Hunting Pistol Ammo x2
Hunting Pistol Ammo x2
Explosive Blade - Standard ammo for the Hunting Pistol. Deals heavy damage with high accuracy. Crafts 2 bullets.
Incendiary Shells
Incendiary Shells
Alcohol Explosive - Special ammo for the shotgun. Sets targets ablaze in a large area. Crafts 2 shells.

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