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How long is the new Last of Us game? Find out how long The Last of Us Part II is, how many chapters there are, and what it has to offer as far as replayability.

How Long Is The Last of Us 2

About 25 ~ 28 Hours

As it stands, The Last of Us 2 will take roughly 25 hours to complete the story. This sounds great when compared to the 15 hours playtime of the first Last of Us game, even with the DLC that was about 3 hours long.

New Game Plus

Like in the First Last of Us, The Last of Us 2 will have a New Game Plus mode, allowing the player to replay the game with a bit of a twist. You will not be able to fully upgrade everything on your first playthrough of the game, so New Game Plus will allow you to replay the game while retaining any upgrades you had when you obtain your weapons back. This will no doubt extend the playtime of the game significantly.
About New Game Plus


Another way The Last of Us 2 can extend your play time is by playing the Grounded difficulty. In Grounded Mode, you will be up against harder enemies and you will have reduced health, but you also won't have the ability to use Listen Mode, and the HUD will be disabled. Grounded will give you a much more realistic playthrough of the game, but is far harder and is reserved for true gaming masochists.

How Many Chapters Is The Last of Us Part 2?

11 Chapters!

The Last of Us Part 2 spans across 11 chapters, with the story jumping around between characters and times.

The length of each chapter varies, as chapters like Seattle Day 1 are long and have many parts, so they will take at least 3-4 hours for newer players, while some chapters are much shorter. On average, each chapter will last somewhere between two and three hours.

Story Walkthrough | Chapter List

Is The Last of Us 2 Worth It?

Worth it if you loved TLoU's Gameplay and Story

If you were a fan of the first game's single-player story, you will have that, but with so much more. This sequel offers a deep and satisfying story with many themes that will keep you hooked. The gameplay is looking to be in every way an improvement over the first. If you loved the first game for the single-player experience, there is no reason to pass this one up.

Lack of Multiplayer

Unfortunately, a longer story alone may not be enough to satisfy some gamers. The lack of any multiplayer may have been a sort of double-edged sword, bringing up the single player playtime, but hurting the game's replayability by leading to a lack of multiplayer. With the hint of a separate multiplayer-like Last of Us game possibly being in the works, the omission of an online multiplayer might not be so bad, and could lead to an even better multiplayer in the future.

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