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Engraved Ring

This guide will explain where to find the Engraved Ring to unlock the So Great and Small Trophy in The Last of Us Part 2. Read on to learn more!

Engraved Ring Basic Information

Antique Ring
Chapter Seattle Day 1 - Downtown
Location This artifact is located in the drawer at the corner of the Vault Room of the Westlake Bank.

The Antique Ring (AKA Engraved Ring) is a collectible in The Last of Us 2. Although hard to read, it has text on it that spells out “Sic Parvis Magna”, which is an Easter Egg referring to the Uncharted series (it is the ring worn by Drake around his neck).

Finding it will unlock the “So Great and Small” Trophy.

So Great and Small.png bronze trophy.png So Great and Small
Find the Engraved Ring

List of Trophies

How to Find the Engraved Ring

Corner of Vault

The Engraved Ring can be found in the back right corner of the bank vault in a safe deposit box.

Deposit Box

The bank can be found in Chapter 2: Seattle Day 1 - Downtown. For more information about where to find the bank and how to open the vault, just follow this guide below.

How to Get the Bank Vault Code

Bank Vault Code

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