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This page lists all the available Cid's sidequests in the game Final Fantasy XV (FF15, FFXV). Read on for more information about the Cid's Quest and the required items to complete the sidequests!

What are Cid's Sidequests?

Cid's Quests will allow you to upgrade some of the weapons in the game. He will modify those weapons to unleash its full potential. Complete the First Chapter to activate this sidequest and then speak to Cid outside the garage to begin.

Location and Items for Cid's Quest Sidequests

Name Location Required Item
Cid Sophiar, Master Mechanic Hammerhead Metal Scrap
A Better Engine Blade Hammerhead Rusted Bit
A Better Engine Blade II Hammerhead Glass Gemstone
A Better Engine Blade III Hammerhead Sturdy Helixhorn
A Better Drain Lance II Hammerhead Hammerhead Coeurl Whisker
A Better Force Stealer Cape Caem Monster Claw
A Better Pair of Plunderers Hammerhead Barbed Scythe
A Better Absorb Shield Hammerhead Spiked Armor
A Better Valiant Cape Caem Earth Gemstone
A Better Auto Crossbow Hammerhead Cactuar Needle
A Better Bioblaster Hammerhead Dynamo
A Better Circular Saw Hammerhead Sky Gemstone
A Better Drillbreaker Hammerhead Magitek Core
A Better Noiseblaster Hammerhead Magnetron
A Better Gravity Well Hammerhead Hydraulic Cylinder

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